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Putting this on my to-do list.

Here, you have the PR version but I’ll shorten it for you: Salt and Straw made beer inspired ice cream.

Now, here you can read someone who’s had it and tells you what they think. (Thanks, Fuz!) The short version of that? The IPA and Smoked Hefe might be a little off but it’s all good.

Still, it’s beer themed ice cream. I just thought everyone ought to know.

Xmas stuff

With the Holiday Ale Fest in full swing (which I, though a streak of idiocy and overwork, will miss) I thought I’d share some stories my minions (thanks, Dad!) have found over the past few weeks.

First we have a Christmas ale ice cream. Which sounds pretty wicked, I have to say. The midwest seems to be a home of rather foodstuffs and ale ice cream seems to fall right in line with that.

Next, Paste magazine has ranked eleven Christmas ales. I have no idea what their criteria is, so it may well boil down to ‘Random person likes it’ kind of list but what the heck: some guideline is better than no guideline, and they do give some good information on the beers ranked, so you can make some informed choices.

And we’re a go for next week! A go for what, exactly, I don’t yet know but something will come up.