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Negative Alcohol

I’ve broken my 3rd hydrometer in as many years; I swear I just need a plastic one. Or maybe a metal one. All I know for sure is that I am hard on those objects.

Fortunately for me, a new homebrew shop has opened up close to my new house! And I must give a quick shout out here, because even though it was getting close to closing time and my intention was only to buy a hydrometer, the people at Above The Rest were more than gracious about assisting me and pretty much coaxed me into getting all the shopping done right then and there. They were very helpful and pleasant, chatting me up like new neighbors. Although the shop had just opened and they were already talking about improving it, getting it better organized and useful. If you’re in the SE area and are looking for homebrewing supplies, check it out.

All of which is a roundabout way of saying that I got a new hydrometer and this time, read the directions. I’d heard but had it confirmed that it’s wise to give the hydrometer a little spin to disperse bubbles which might attach themselves to the meter and give a false reading. The directions told me that this device gave correct readings at 68 degrees F, and one had to adjust if you took measurements at a  higher temperature. (It didn’t say how one should adjust but details, details.)

What it also provided me was a list of measurements to ABV, so I could tell that once I took a Final Gravity reading I could tell how much sugar had been converted.

What I wasn’t planning on learning was that apparently, one can have a negative percentage of alcohol in a liquid.

This opens up a whole world of insanity for me. The idea that somehow, there’s an anti-alcoholic drink out there, something that has and opposite for alcohol, one that could make you more sober.

That’s just terrifying.

*note: I get it, it’s only math. Just having some fun with it.