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Sir We Have A Problem

I got the recipe for this from the White House’s web site. President Obama asked the kitchen to make homebrew and I thought; well hey, I should totally see what kind of beer the President likes. So I made it.

There are…issues.

There’s a spiciness in the nose and I’m pretty sure that this is due to the fermentation temperatures over the actual yeast, which was just an english ale yeast, or the addition of honey.

This is the slight drawback to brewing under less than advanced conditions: I ferment my beer in my basement. The temps are steady, which is good, but subject to climate change, which is bad. I figure I’m getting about 1/2 of a bottle per beer. Not the best yield.

It hasn’t resulted in a bad beer; The spicy quality in the nose is present in the finish and it’s not a hoppy thing, it’s more floral. This could be due to the pound of honey: with the other sugars eaten, it’s pretty easy to imagine the residual floral elements taking up the space left over.

It’s a pretty good looking beer too, when the foam hasn’t take over. The drawback of finding a flaw in my process means that I probably won’t see the correction for another three recipes. Still, I’d like to give this beer another shot, perhaps this fall.

Brew date 6.27

.75 lb Amber Crystal C60
.5 belgian biscuit
5 lb 2 row

4 lb LME
1.25 lb of honey

2 oz UK Kent Goldings @ 60
2oz Fuggles @ 6

Yeast: Widsor dry yeast 3rd use

OG 1.072

FG 1.014

Secondary on 7/5

ABV 7.8%

7pm Frailty

I am going to have to take a week off of writing. Not because I lack content or because I’m geting burnt out on writing. I have to take time off because my right forearm hurts.

It’s a dull ache, extending from the upper side of my elbow but radiating down underneath my arm, down to my pinky, where it feels like I’ve dipped my arm in cold water, and underneath my upper arm to my armpit, where instead it’s a bit more pokey, like a splinter running up to my chest.

My hand is getting tired and I can tell that, at the end of the day, my grip is weaker than it was in the morning. It’s been like this for three weeks; I don’t know what’s wrong and I don’t like it. I’ve been laying off the videogames, making sure my posture is correct but I don’t seem to be improving.

So it’s time to go see a doctor. Fuckin’ a.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m going to do it. Appointment on Thursday. But it’s money and time and who knows what else that I don’t really have. Then again, who does? Is anyone so pleased that they can just see a doctor and be happy that their lives and well being are, without question, being disrupted?

What’s even worse? I can feel a twinge in my left hand, right down the pinky to my wrist. Fuuuuuuu-

So I’m afraid I’m going need to take a week off. I don’t like doing it in this instance. Everybody needs vacations, of course, but I like producing content for the audience. Unfortunately, I’m just old enough to be smart(ish) about this, so…I have to take a break.

hop valley honey ale

Like the song says, ‘can’t always get what you want’. If I’m fortunate and I hope that I am, I can find a way to heal myself and get back to doing the things I do best.

Until then, maybe you’ll join me in a toast. I’ve got Hop Valley‘s Polly, a honey ale which has a pleasantly hoppy nose-American hops, I believe, due to the pine quality-but is got a nice sweet body and a solid finish. Not too bitter but enough to keep the sweetness in check. A very good summer beer and one that might work for any occasion where you want an easy drinking ale.