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Thanksgiving 2013

I’ve been stressing out trying to work out my posts for this week and then it hit me: It’s the holidays. I don’t have to do this.

So, I’m taking this week off, will be back next with the usual reports on homebrews, random thoughts and the Holiday Ale Fest. Have a safe Thanksgiving everyone!

7pm The Day After

Bailey’s is quiet, unusually so, on the 26th of December. The bartender and I both agree; this is a nice thing. While happy to see the continued success of Bailey’s, I too have come to cherish the quiet nights where people can sit and talk and no one has to raise their voices to be heard. It’s for the best, really; the day after Christmas ought to be quiet, I think.

Drinking Laurelwood’s Moose and Squirrel stout which is nice and roasty, with a solid nuttiness to it. A good choice that perhaps I’ll have the luxury of making again, sometime.

I hope everyone had a very nice holiday.