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Reading this story about what is probably the most expensive pint in the world, I really hope that scientists are able to use what’s in those cans to analyze yeast and other materials to tell us more about how things have changed.

It’s a cool piece of history, no question and I’m glad they’ll be on display somewhere, too. I just am hoping that a little more will come of it.

Maybe I’m being naive though and there’s just no way to examine the cans and contents without ruining what makes them valuable. That would be unfortunate but I can certainly understand why they wouldn’t be given further examination.

Potato Potato

I wrote not too long ago about about how I think breweries might be well served to focus on a few styles and have those always there, then branch out into other stuff.

Zoiglhaus is a pretty good example of what I’m talking about and this article on the Beervana blog talks about the potato ale they’re making, along with other obscure styles from history.

I like this for multiple reasons; First, the rotating schedule allows for those seasonal ales to be on long enough that the process can be refined and honed. As a consumer, that means I get better beer. Second, seeing revival styles is always a thrill for me and as an aficionado, valuing the history of beer and brewing is important to me.

But, you know….getting better beer is where it’s at and having those standard ale be the centerpiece of it is exactly what I like.