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I’ve known for a long time that initially, women were the ones who brewed beer: a family staple, brewing often fell to them.

Some, as you might expect, got good enough at it that they started selling it at markets.

And I’d always figured that, with the industrial revolution, men just muscled their way into the field and pushed women out.

Buuuuut…no, No of course it’s a little worse than that.


Reading this story about what is probably the most expensive pint in the world, I really hope that scientists are able to use what’s in those cans to analyze yeast and other materials to tell us more about how things have changed.

It’s a cool piece of history, no question and I’m glad they’ll be on display somewhere, too. I just am hoping that a little more will come of it.

Maybe I’m being naive though and there’s just no way to examine the cans and contents without ruining what makes them valuable. That would be unfortunate but I can certainly understand why they wouldn’t be given further examination.