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Tiny Bubbles

A little history on how we discovered the existence of carbonation. A fun Friday read.


Historical Brewers

I found this article on who Thomas Jefferson’s brewer was to be fascinating an illuminating.

Because of course Jefferson had a slave to do that work. I had honestly never thought about it before, which is one reason I liked that article so much. History can’t just be about who won: It also needs to tell us about the people who allowed others to win.

The Old Guard

Here’s a nice accounting of the beers that helped kick off the craft beer revolution in America.

Some of these I have had already, Sierra Nevada, Dogfishhead, Alaskan, and others. More than I would’ve thought! It wouldn’t take too much for me to round out this list. I should make it a point to drink all of these. For science, of course!

The Old School

Before the days when you could get anything you wanted, there was…not that. As this article outlines.

I enjoy these looks into history, and while this is a pretty broad overview, it is still has some pretty cool stories involved-and promises some still to be told.

I’m in Canada for the rest of the week, so the next post will go up on Monday. Have a great weekend everyone!