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Where I Wanna Go: Hair of the Dog

An OBC meeting is tonight, a rare instance where my business of writing and drinking overlap. I’m not complaining though; I can kill two birds with one stone and still have some fun while I am at it. We’re out at the Hair of the Dog brewpub and they are graciously serving us some tastes of their latest batches.

I try the HotD Doggie Claws, which has something fruity, cloying maybe? about it that is impeding my enjoyment. I seem to have this issue with many HotD beers: something about them that just doesn’t make me happy. The Blue Dot IPA has something filthy at the finish, as though the lines weren’t cleaned. The Ruth smells like a can of creamed corn. The Adam has a near-burnt caramel flavor at the end and that’s probably the most drinkable ale.

I’m told by other members that HotD makes beers that you really want to store. They are vastly improved after a few months or even years, sitting in the bottle. While I don’t oppose that philosophy, it runs in direct opposition to my own, which says that a beer should be drinkable as soon as it’s ready. If it isn’t ready, you don’t sell it.

You know what I do enjoy? Cities at night. The HotD brewpub is located in the SE industrial area, which is bad for immediate views and fascinating for your encounters with the dispossessed, but great for staring across the river to see the buildings, barely backlit by a fading sunset, green draped behind them like a seascape. I could almost believe in was in Rapture