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Burnside Brewing visit

Note: I totally meant to post this on Wednesday but instead I got sick. I seem to be having a rough time keeping on my schedule in 2011 but hopefully that will not be the case for long.

I’m part of the OBC board now and for our monthly board meetings we like to go to local brewpubs and check out their wares, make contact and perhaps even schedule a visit or a talk from the brewers for the group but we’re there mostly to discuss business, which nobody reading cares about.

What you might care about is the new beers that Burnside Brewing is producing and I’ve got a brief lowdown on them, notes taken from memory during a very busy meeting. Let’s go:

The Gratzier: maybe just not for me. I didn’t detect any flaws in the beer but the smoky flavor coupled with a wheat brew just didn’t jibe for me. That said, this is a resurrected style, so give it a shot because I promise you haven’t had anything like it before. Maybe you’ll love it.

The IPA: quite good with a very, very sharp bitterness spiking at the end. Piney notes there with a less pronounced nose, I wanted to have more of it to appropriately qualify this beer.

The Oatmeal Pale: a surprise to me in it’s luscious mouthfeel. It had a great body, more dense than your average pale but a subtler nose and as one might expect from an oatmeal tweaked beer, wasn’t as clear as your average pale. Still, a very tasty beer and I thought a wonderful take on the style.

I’m looking forward to going back and getting a better perspective on the beers as well as trying the food. Good stuff.