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What I did on my snow day (or Ginger Porter, the boil)

In Portland, snow days are regarded with parts celebration and dread. The city is in the thrall of weathermen and women, and people stay glued to the news, as though there will be changes while they scheme of sleeping in and try to ignore the specter of work that builds up while they peer outside. Everyone is afraid to drive, hell afraid to leave their house which merely adds to the sense of impending doom and stir craziness that afflicts people who have never had to stay indoors for a week.

I decided I would make a chocolate ginger porter.

With one pound, eight ounces of chocolate malt and five and one-eighths ounces of rye (to give it a dryness), I steeped the grains, adding them to warming water until it hit about 160, and then let it sit for fifteen minutes. At this point, I scooped the malts out and added five pounds of extra dark dry malt extract and brought it to a boil (about 170-5).

At this point I added 1/2 tsp. of vanilla extract-probably not nearly enough, given the volume-, one cup of brown sugar, and three-quarters ounce of Mt Rainer hops. With fifteen minutes left in the boil, I added a half-ounce of Cascade hops, three ounces of fresh ginger, and 1/2 tsp. of Irish Moss.

The yeast I added was the 1007 German Ale yeast, reconstituted from Demon Alcohol (The beer that keeps on giving). The whole thing sits in primary now, looking like this: