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Where I Want To Go: Gigantic

Note to self: don’t get a beer right after a haircut. It’s a nice, smooth pale, not too bitter on the finish but I’m overwhelmed by barbershop ointments and I can barely smell a thing.

It’s actually been a pretty busy day with exposure to quite a few different slices of humanity. I hit the DMV to get my license renewed (and it wasn’t that bad at all) and woah, do you see all kinds there. This is for the best: Portland is miiiighy white and getting exposed to the fact that the country isn’t, is a positive.

Then it was off to the barber shop and…I have to admit a certain level of discomfort there. Those places are masculine in ways I don’t always grok and conversation between strangers is encouraged and expected but there isn’t any beer. So what do you talk about? (Football, in this case, which makes me glad I know a thing or two about that).

Then it’s off to the final destination of places humans meet, and that’s Gigantic Brewing. The space for patrons at Gigantic is small so I want to get in before it gets too crowded. I get the Bang On! British pale and find a seat uncomfortably close to the wall.

Lots of local printer and hand written signs here: the sign selling nuts; growler prices, and it gives the impression that they’re a bit too busy concentrating on making great beer to put effort towards purdy signage. I can respect that.

I like it unpopulated, with only the die hard Portland types going outside for the winter-to-spring sunlight available. But the outdoors wants to intrude here: outdoor tables more than double the capacity, there’s a huge sliding door to open when it gets warmer, heck, even the space between tables and the seating inside encourages moving outwards.

It’s a Portland place, though: an axe on the wall, TV with “THIS MACHINE SHOWS TIMBERS MATCHES” pasted on the frame, local art on the walls for sale, but this is also a workspace that we are invading into. It isn’t here to make me comfy, it’s here to give me tasty liquids.

And I have to commend Gigantic on that: this pale is good all the way down, bitterness sloooowly creeping in as I drink more, the scent of hops still negated by barbershop unfortunately but…the Bang On! tastes damn good and that’s where the rubber meets the road.

Gigantic visit

The girlfriend and I were able to visit Gigantic Brewing last weekend on what was a rapidly cooling evening. But we got there in time to try out a couple of different beers, before having to head out and get food.

I had a pale-but I didn’t get to write down the name and it’s not on the website. I can’t be responsible for everything damnit! I’m only mostly professional.

What I do remember is that there was a hint of dryness that hit the top of my mouth, arriving at the end. It was a really drinkable beer which had a distinctness that I enjoyed: I’d have to test but it did seem like there was something distinctive about this pale that didn’t mine the traditional style. Need more to fully validate this statement.

I also split the black saison, which I remember because the style was in the name. This was also a tasty brew and artfully dodged the occasional oversweetness that hits many belgian styles. I’m not sure if that’s because there were some dark malts countering it, or just because they designed it that way and it’s damn good.

But I’m willing to give them the benefit of the doubt and say it’s by design. I look forward to many more pints from Gigantic in the future.