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Geek Riots

Some of the readers of this blog may be unaware that I’m a geek and not in the good, I-can-fix-your-computer sense, but in the lesser I-know-arcane-shit-that-only-matters-to-.005%-of-the-population sense. You know the type. For the most part, that’s alright because I’ve spent years learning how to socialize with other people. I can actually make conversation and not feel terribly awkward or like I have to burst in with whatever crazy trivia I know (although I still occasionally do this.) 

Beer played no small part in this socialization, I won’t deny. But the geek also played a part in this; I like to play games. Videogames especially, although my skill at them is adequate at best, but most socially a card game called Magic the Gathering. Games are, along with alcohol, an abbreviated path to get to know someone. So what would be easier than going to the pub and playing a few games? 

That’s right; the two guys taking over the large table with a whole bunch of cards on them at Bailey’s? I’m one of those guys. 

And while most of the time people are pretty cool about what we’re doing, occasionally I have been mocked. Once most notably by a guy playing the triangle, who I had no trouble responding to. Nobody who plays the triangle in a band gets to give someone grief about looking stupid in public. Ever. 

Enter Guardian Games. On the third Thursday of every month, they close the place off to minors, charge everyone $10, and you get pizza and beer. 

It’s such genius I don’t know why  it isn’t being done everywhere. 

More importantly, the beer selection is good. Widmer’s Drifter, Drop Top, and Hefe, Deschutes’s Mirror Pond, Black Butte and Cinder Cone were amongst the selections last night. Yes, PBR is there but it’s always taken after everything else and you have to dig into the ice to find something, anything worth drinking. There are also bottles of Smirnoff Ice, but we shall speak no more of that. 

And there we are, a bunch of gamers playing with miniatures or giant boardgames that stretch to three times the size of a Risk board, and someone is always putting the Rocky Horror Picture Show on TV. Which is probably the one I could really live without because of some personal animosity towards the film experience and because it’s so damned cliche. 

I call the experience the Geek Riots; it just seems to fit.