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I realize that I may not be telling anyone anything new but I feel like I want to pass along this information so you can warn your friends not to drink this crap.

There are some good fruit beers out there…I think. Not sure if I can recall anything that isn’t a lambic of some sort, off the top of my head.

Then again, there is the upcoming Fruit Beer Festival, so perhaps I’ll check that out and come through with some recommendations for next time.

Until then, ware the marketers.

Whatever You Say #37

“I missed all my posts last week,” I bemoaned to my girlfriend on Saturday. I apologize to my readers for that: it happens but I do try to take my responsibility as a blogger seriously since I know I have an audience.

“Well, do a two-fer next week!” she advised.

So…have two beers? BRILLIANT.

alaskan raspberry wheatOn my second trip to visit Scott the bartender, I ask a man with geek glasses-thicker, squared black rims-on the rail with a cloudy amber beer what he’s drinking. ┬áIt’s the Alaskan Raspberry Wheat. As a longtime and nostalgic fan of their amber, I’m hopeful that this will be a more impressive outing.

Right before I try the beer, I ask the patron; do you like it?

“No,” he says “the raspberry really falters out and isn’t all there in the beer.”

I take a sip. The nose is weird, bready for a fruit style and the beer itself…well, while I disagree with his assessment of the raspberry presence, which I think is there up until the finish, the finish is a touch dirty and makes the whole beer taste strange in a way that puts me off.

We chat briefly-I’m in line so I can’t stay long (location really is everything when I do this kind of post) but I get his impressions. He’s quick to point out that his assessment of this drink are just his “Somebody else might like it,” he says, like someone who’s shared a few beers in his time and I nod. But we come together on the finish, which just isn’t right. When I leave, his pint is not quite half-drunk and it stays that way until I leave.

I understand; I’m drinking half the volume he is and after a few sips the finish is chalky, like raspberry medicine instead of fruit and my tongue has an odd coating on it that I scrape against the roof of my mouth to get rid of.

I recline in my seat and relax. We are in the final hours of the holiday weekend-a weekend that has been beautiful and allowed me to visit friends, see movies (Thor! I say check it out), have the occasional beer {in a very queer moment, I find myself recommending McMinamen’s Copper Moon ale, making that the first McMin’s brew I’ve liked in over ten years} and play lots of Magic. Note; sleeve your cards, gamers who go to pubs. Spilling beer on your $10 card is a big deal. Spilling it on your $10 card in a $.01 sleeve and causing no damage is nothing.

Just sayin’

All at once

Most of the time, I don’t get to try a lot of different beers at once. This is partly so I don’t get ill; mixing beer styles can be as unpleasant mixing other kinds of alcohol, but it also is economics. Who can afford to spend all that cash?

However, when going to the coast on a family vacation, we have an exception to the rule. I was to be surrounded by people who oppressively cared about me! Call it an excuse if you wish, but what the hell; I got a few different beers to try, took notes and photos, and here we go!

I kicked Friday off with some Green Flash Imperial IPA. The label says it has Summit and Nugget hops, and they give the beer a heavy grapefruit nose and some bite on the back that really stuck with me. Happily munching on my Mom’s monster cookies, I noticed that this beer got more piney as it warmed up. The flavor got so strong, I thought I was drinking evergreen tea. Pine does not go as well with oatmeal-raisin-chocolate cookie items, so I finished this beer rather quickly. Perhaps some beers should be served in certian portions. If this beer turns into a tree that fast, maybe it would be better served in twelve ounce bottles.

The second beer comes to Portland by way of Japan from a Portland expat, or so the fine people at the Belmont Station tell me. This beer, Baird’s The Carpenter’s Mikan Ale, had an odd fruit fermentation aspect; the bottle tells me there are citrus flavors, but I don’t believe that. More like something between a banana and a tangerine. It stopped short of cloying by introducing a dryness at the very end, I presume from the fruit but I’m not sure. This is the trouble with tasting a flavor I’ve never had like mikan fruit; I have no idea where it’s subtle contributions to the beer kick in, and where the yeast or malts would take over.

As the evening is wearing down and everyone else is talking about coffee, a drink I have no experience with and no real drive to drink, I finish with the Eel River Triple Exultation. I was looking forward to this beer, because it was from one of the few breweries I liked at the Organic festival. The Triple Exultation is an old ale, but it was a hell of a lot sweeter than I thought it would be. Usually, old ales have some alcohol warmth to balance out their sweetness, but this beer not so. It’s all malts, and that puts the beer off balance.

Still, it was a good way to start off the weekend. More tomorrow!