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Dance Class Interlude

I’ve stopped for a Chasin’ Freshies by Deschutes before dance class. It is a terrible name for a beer because I sound hammered trying to say it and I’ve nary a drop.

It’s a good beer though, emphasizing the lemony bitterness of the hops strongly on the back end, but not ferociously.

Meanwhile, I kill time before class at the Slow Bar. ┬áIt’s more crowded than I expected, given how early it is. But I suppose Portland is a drinking city and if you have the time, then it’s time for a pint and the crowd here, which seems to cross age and income brackets, supports this notion.

I try not to think about dance class. It makes me nervous. Practicing a skill is good but when I practice brewing, the only one who has to suffer with the consequences is me. Dancing is a kind of public practice that opens you up to mockery, although that mockery is entirely internal.

Still, I’m here during happy hour and I get to have a fortification beer. Hard to complain, ennit?

More outings

I’ve had the luck to experience both Coalition Brewing and the Beaker and Flask in the past few weeks (blaming/thanking friends for pulling me out.) Brief impressions are as follows:

brown aleBeaker and Flask is more a cocktail place than an beer joint. The cocktails are wonderful though-the sips I had off of other drinks were very, very tasty. I settled for a brown ale-by whom I sadly don’t recall- and a Hale’s fresh hop ale, both of which were served well and I’d consider having another. The food was well prepared-spicy but not hot, flavorful but not overwhelming-and the service was very good.

It’s spendy though. Not saying it isn’t worth it, just know you’re opening the wallet when you go.

Coalition on the other hand was a bit more reasonable and is a beer joint. Which I suppose anyone paying attention doesn’t need me to tell them. The food wasn’t bad but didn’t stand out either, although my companions seemed to enjoy their meal more than I did mine. However, the Wu C.R.E.A.M. was very good and I really, really dug the name, my co-diners liked the Maple Porter and I liked Bump’s Bitter ESB-however I wasn’t able to give it my full attention.

I’m looking forward to going back and giving it some.