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I bought this V

Ft George IPAFort George‘s Vortex IPA was a pickup because I was recycling a lot of bottles and that helped take the sting out of the price point. Granted, at $12, a four pack is approximately about what one would pay for a pint, so that’s the upside: the downside is that part of the reason I buy a beer in the store is that it costsĀ less than when I ask a bartender to serve it to me.

That said, this is a pretty damn good beer. The hoppy qualities are there in the nose and at the end but they are not overwhelming and the malt sweetness plays a large role in keeping this beer on track. It’s not a traditional IPA–the hops are still too prominent for that–but it’s definitely a good one that brings a nice bitterness to finish everything off.

Oddly, the clarity seems to be off; just like with the lager I had. I don’t notice anything weird about the beer from a flavor profile but to see a haze in there just seems strange. Sure, if it happens in a beer I make myself that’s kind of expected: this is work done by professionals. Maybe a perfectly clear ale isn’t as important as I might have been lead to believe?

I bought this

Ft George 1811Fort George‘s 1811 lager.

The nose has that nice lager nose; not quite skunky but the kind I associate with summer days and the mouthfeel is very nice. There more body to this beer than the average lager and I like the density that’s there. It’s also good at sweeping away salty pub food.

What’s odd: this lager seems a bit cloudy for a lager. I’m not saying it’s bad just that visually, it doesn’t have the kind of clarity I have come to expect from the style. That may be the result of a fuller bodied beer or it may be that the proteins that can cause this haze weren’t quite filtered out. Given that this is beer is made by professionals, I’m leaning towards the former.

What I don’t like: the finish doesn’t seem very clean. I’ve got a lingering bitterness that I’m just not down with here. Maybe I wouldn’t care if it was summer? Maybe it’s really meant to go with some food instead of being drank alone? I’m just not certain. Maybe Fort George should send me some for testing.