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The analysis is over

After three months and many, many beers, my reviewing skills are no longer required.

beer samplerI got to try suds from all over and I learned a few things. British beers frequently suffered the most due to the time it takes to ship them here because of low alcohol and hop content. Sam Adams makes some pretty solid beers,all round. Harps is a surprisingly good lager that I wouldn’t hesitate to drink. I know, I was stunned myself.

And there isn’t enough hatred in the world for Bud Lime. It tastes like Lysol and I drank it because I had to. We all did but I think my hatred of it started to become the stuff of legend. If you produce this beverage you are bad and you should feel bad.

I also learned something else that I feel is pretty important: It’s helpful for me to talk about the drink during my experience with the beer.

Due to the reviewing process, we didn’t get to talk about the beers as we rated them. Once we’d taken our notes, then a discussion would take place. While I understand why that’s necessary it hindered my ability to evaluate the beers.

Being able to discuss with other people while I’m drinking educates me better than a post-drink discussion and helps me remember what was said. When I brought my own beers to the tasting sessions a couple times for a post-review drink and got some great feedback because I was able to talk to them about what their experience was and what I was doing as a  brewer while we drank my beer.

Not that it wasn’t fun; I had a great time and am very thankful to Seamus for the opportunity and the chance to interact with some new people, getting their perspectives on what we drank. I learned a little bit and that’s always a positive. Plus, if I get a chance to do it again I’ll have more experience under my belt. Win-win!