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7pm Conditional Love

You know, I got nothin’ today. Let’s talk about the beer.

It’s a pale ale by Falling Sky and it’s got the bitterness of an IPA. This isn’t working for me, which is odd to say since I usually like IPAs. However, without some malt backbone to bridge from a no-beer moment to a hop moment and carry me back again, I’m hard pressed to enjoy this ale. Perhaps I’ve had this beer too soon in the season and I’d like it more in the early Summer.

I can’t say that the beer is flawed, so much as I can say that it’s just not to style.

I have a sudden need for totchoes. Pulled pork with ’em. This beer would actually go great with a run of tatchoes, a fat wedge of lime squeezed over it all, pulled pork in the middle. Or, barbeque. Any barbeque.  Hearty sausages grilled into skewers with peppers and potatoes, hint of sauce. I can get behind that.

Damnit. Now I’m hungry.

So this beer makes me hungry. Is that a good beer or a bad one? It certainly has its place but if I’m going to insist (which I have) that if a beer requires a piece of fruit in order to be good, then it’s not a proper beer, then I suppose saying that this beer would be good with fries gives this beer a qualifier that also falls under the fruit category.

That run on sentence sounded better in my head. It probably also made more sense but what’cha gonna do? You’re here, I’m here. That sentence is out there and it can’t be taken back anymore. You’re going to have to love me for it, despite it all.

There’s a Tshirt waiting to happen. “You’re going to have to love me for it, despite it all.”

But not this beer. I can make my love for beer conditional.