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The Change Up

Nobody can really leave well enough alone, can they? Even though there are even rules about what to do when you’re on a streak, right? You stick to the routine, reinforce the behaviors that have been working, no matter how weird they might seem to someone else. You’re succeeding: why mess with it? Yet no one can be happy with that. If there is a system, then human beings are inevitably disposed to muck around with that system until, understanding it, they can break it somehow.

So it goes: every beer I’ve made this year has come out well. The tips I got on sanitizing properly have improved things 100%. The beers have been better than ever in my seven-ish years doing this.

So what happens? I tell a fellow homebrewer that I do extract brewing and he suggests trying partial mash brewing.


So now every other batch for the past two months has been done this way and the results are starting to come up. Looks like I’m going to be at the drawing board for this one for a little while…