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52 Weeks 13: New Belgium Dunkelweiss

A few weeks back, my buddy Jim, who’ll be joining me in about thirty minutes, said that he liked the 52 Weeks idea, but was wondering; What was my plan for this?

And I didn’t know. But from that point on I thought I ought to try and engage in some manner. Not in a deep way, but to set to this with purpose. What purpose, I didn’t know.

Even now I can’t say I know.

But when I walked into Bailey’s tonight, a greeting from the bartender, a selection of a beer, and then a quick trip to the bathroom brought me the sight of someone sitting at a table with another person, their laptop open to Facebook, yet a conversation happening at the table. 

And I immediately passed some kind of judgment over these people. Because I don’t understand why someone has their laptop open to a social networking site when there is someone right in front of them to be social with. However, I don’t know the score. In the modern age, I casually accept the polite use of cellphones during conversations I have with people. I actually don’t mind this, so long as the conversation is either brief or very important. 

So who am I to say that these people aren’t interacting on exactly the level they want to be? Even so, someone having a laptop open to relate to people socially when someone is there to talk to seems rude. 

I sit here and I write alone-but when someone speaks to me I completely ignore the machine so I can talk to them.  

It was at this point that I realized what I’m doing with these posts; I’m having a conversation with You. The other posts I’m describing in very concrete ways, my experience either with homebrewing or the beer someone else has brewed, and occasionally the environment I’m in as a good or bad place to have a pint. 

(Which reminds me, I ought to do a little more of that.)

But with these posts I realize that in a way I’m talking to you. I realize most of my readers aren’t talking back–but that’s not the point. This is a conversation, even if it is one-sided and the more that I think about it, the more I realize that these posts especially feel a lot like my speaking style-with about fifty percent less swearing. 

So I guess what I’d like to do is encourage any comments. Not because I need them; as a writer I’m compelled to write. To not write would be a violation of my nature. However, for a little while I’m drinking a beer-a very tasty one with a banana flambe flavor-with You, whomever you are. 

I’m not sure I can write in such a way to encourage comments. Perhaps that will be my goal.