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Who says there’s nothing good on TV?

The new Brew Masters show on the Discovery Channel shows some fun promise. I haven’t had a chance to watch it, but you can check it out here. I’ve seen some clips and things seem a little…contrived or maybe just rough, at least when it comes to producing ‘drama’. Which I hope they don’t do, because who needs that? On the other hand, there are moments when they’re clearly being silly and trying to have some fun in order to make the show appeal to non-beer drinkers and I appreciate that. The show is not unwatchable by any means and the opportunity to see how QA is done or wildly different flavors are added is pretty cool, so I hope to give it my full attention at some point.

Dear Seattle

PAX was lovely. New games, new people, late nights; the experience was mostly good.


To the Taphouse Grill: you cannot insist that you are ‘Giving beer the respect it deserves’ and serve that beer to me in a pre-chilled glass. Especially if you want to charge me ten bucks for that beer.

To the Fox Sports Grill: dear god why are you putting mozzarella cheese on spaghetti and meatballs? The food was not good-though the beer I had was served proper.

To both places; I expect exact change. You do not get to take my coins. Yes, it was only .43 and .07 cents respectively but you stole from me. I was puzzled until that evening and then I just got angry.

Yes, it’s petty (theft) but you know what? If I was .50 short on my bill you wouldn’t let me just walk out. The principle of the thing wins out way more than the change.

So; I hope you enjoy not getting my business-or anyone I can tell-ever again.

To the Elysian; the beer was really good, as always. The Men’s Room Ale was a fine, malty amber that I will seek out when it is bottled. The Polecat Porter, a collaboration between the brewery and two homebrewers, was a little sweet for a porter but still very tasty. Keep it up.

One of my dining companions had an issue with his meal though…which wasn’t cool. Now, it’s on him for not mentioning it and so I don’t really fault you for that-most of us are human and things happen. I’m sure if he’d brought his issue to your attention it would’ve been taken care of, because staff there is awesome.

Finally, to the Blarney Stone; don’t change. The food was fairly priced, the beer was fairly priced. It was as I would have expected.

theobroma aleAs far as beer highlights of the trip go: Dogfish Head’s Theobroma. Fuz and I split some as we played games visiting Sean. Apparently it’s based on the chemical analysis of pottery fragments found in Honduras.

Science. It works, bitches.

Because this beer was sweet, tasty and refreshing. I can absolutely see it being drank is copious amounts in the jungles of Latin America. Not precisely beer as we know it today but who cares?

Beer inspired by music

Posts are going to be sketchy while I’m out and about in Seattle. This is my indirect way of saying; don’t expect much today and Friday because I’m on the road or at the Penny Arcade Expo in full non-beer-geek mode. That doesn’t mean there aren’t interesting things to read though.

Usually I find out about the beers that are meant to honor or evoke heavy metal but NPR has a neat piece on Dogfish Head’s Bitches Brew, in honor of the Miles Davis album. Check it out. I like the juxtaposition of beer and music and even the attempt by the reviewers to match the beer to tracks on the album makes for some light but not dull reading.

And thanks to Dad for the info.

52 Weeks 37: Dogfish Head 120 Minute IPA

It was 101 degrees in Portland today. 

One-hundred and goddamn-one. So hot that the style guides say I can use numbers instead of writing it out. I’m drinking a beer with a port wine nose and that I’m told comes in at 21%. 

And I’m late. Much later than usual. Takes awhile to bar-b-q a whole chicken. And bottle beer. So it’s dark now and there isn’t even the death whisper of a breeze in Portland. 

I appreciate the heat but Portland isn’t built for it.

The Oregon Brewer’s Fest was a good time and I’ll talk about that more on Wednesday. Werewolves, lemonaid and short reviews await you!

Let me tell you about this 120 Minute IPA. 

It’s a really good tripel. I don’t know what kind of madness Dogfish Head is trying to convince all of us of but everything I’m getting off this beer screams tripel. A port wine nose joined by caramel notes, sweet flavors until finish, when it goes sour-just sour enough to keep the beer from being sickly. Almost like a good vinegar is involved somehow. Alcohol warmth. Which let’s face it; can’t be hidden. At 21% I can honestly say this is the most potent beer I’ve ever drank and I’m oh so grateful there’s a short glass of it. Forget the alcohol, the density of this beer becomes an uphill climb to drink in heat like this. I could pour it over pancakes.

Everyone walking around outside looks just a little less than happy about it. 

Let me tell you about Portland. Portland is for people who have decided that the whimsy of weather is worth trading for consistent if frequently overcast days.  Air conditioning just wasn’t a consideration for most of the city’s life.

We do not do heat. This is not Arizona. We laugh at rain, hide from snow, and accept the sun in order to grow tomatoes. 

We also do not do cold, but in winter I can drink Dogfish Head 120 Min IPA (amongst a great many beers) and feel warm. There is not the same luxury of choice during the summer. And by gods I want another beer, but it is not wise. 

That said I’ve noticed a trend in Portland of late. Not that we’ve given up our IPAs or our big beers, but there has been a sprouting of excellent lighter beers (Lompoc’s Heaven Helles comes to mind as the most recent, however many summer beers have been leaning this way) to help us get through our brighter, blinding days. 

Summer here, well the sunsets cannot be beat. Raspberry bands of light on the horizon breaking gently into orange, then into blue night with a sliver moon? It’s a ring on the finger of the horizon. Puts Vegas nights to shame.

But sometimes, just sometimes, it’s nice to have a beer to help get you through the daylight. 

Bring on the night, lovely.  Bring it on.