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Marketing Strategies

So, this article is…likely overblown.

The world’s biggest brewer said Thursday that falling unemployment and “premium” brands are boosting overall beer sales in the US, its biggest market.

Now, that part is written by the reporter so I don’t know what reps from Bud actually said. And it is true that Bud is losing part of the market-despite owning the best selling brands in the country.

But if you are relying on shitty living conditions to sell your product then I’m going to say that there’s multitudes of things wrong with that situation. That may be one reason why they’re trying to diversify so hard. Which on one hand is the sign of a smart business, right?

On the other hand, when I read things like this:

As we do these deals, the craft brewers are regional by nature, but it’s really driven by the reputation and the beer brand. I’m still pinching myself that we have access to Dick, Joe and David from Elysian. They have an amazing reputation in the craft world and to think that I can just call these guys is amazing. That trumps: ‘Hey, we brew in this part of the country, and you don’t have anything down here.’ It’s the beers, the portfolios, the reputation and the culture of the company.

All I can think is; you might be doing the smart thing, but you haven’t got the slightest idea why it’s the smart thing. Because what I’m discovering about craft brewers is that they are highly influenced by the part of the country they are in and you cannot just take a craft brand national and expect it to have the same character. It doesn’t work like that if for no other reason than because of the logistics involved in making fresh food!

Look, I respect what Budweiser does: Making a lager that is the same anywhere you get it in the world is an incredible challenge! They do it well, from a logistical standpoint. However, they do it as cheaply as possible and don’t make a beverage I want to pay for. Those values don’t translate to local craft brewers who are banking their reputations on providing not only different styles of beers but also ones of better quality than macro lagers.

Neat idea

If this is correct, we now have more craft breweries in the US than we did one hundred years ago. That’s pretty exciting to think about, especially considering that craft brewing was dead in this country until the late 1970’s and now the things craft brewers do in America influence the rest of the world.

And an idea I’m trying to understand. Part of my difficulty stems from the fact that I don’t care about baseball. At all. Very few sports hold the chalice of boredom up so very high, for me. Plus, I tend to understand math concepts far better than concrete math. I can get into the math if the writing is good but (and this is not to say that the writing is bad) in a hobby like beer appreciation and brewing, I can feel my eyes dry out when I try to comprehend how they are ranking beers.

Still, there IS an interesting idea happening there and I think it’s worth some attention.