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Carboy Cleaning

This post is, admittedly, more for my benefit. I found this cool writeup on ways to make carboy cleaning easier and I wanted to have it on reference.  Of course, that I can provide this to readers who may homebrew is all the better! I especially like the rice option but really, anything that doesn’t involve filling my carboy with water and letting it sit is fine by me.

Brewers use a lot of water to make beer. We should always look for ways to use less water. Rice is biodegradable and cheap and if it works then that’s pretty awesome to me.

I’ll give it a go soon: Got a pale to transfer to secondary this weekend, so now is as good a time as any!


Longtime readers may know that I find most arguments about ‘the proper glass’ for beer to be ridiculous.

The glass should be clean. If it is, drink yer beer.

But I have to admit that this glass is pretty awesome. Admittedly, this is in part because I can understand its usefulness immediately. Plus, it’s a way to double fist in a single fist!

Made from the oldest ingredients

My friend Ed sent me this story about an amber ale brewed from a yeast that had been suspended in amber. For 45 million years.

Just sayin’ it’s pretty neat and you ought to check it out.

Also, I have stumbled upon the Arkeg. I found this via Kotaku (I do have other hobbies aside from beer) and feel like this is as good a time and place to share it with you.

Finally, there’s a website to petition bars to carry beers you want.  I’m not sure how effective this is; good bars pay attention to their clients and bring in beers those patrons want to drink. Bad bars don’t. But what the heck; maybe it’ll do someone some good.


The term ‘alcopop’ is usually thrown about to refer to drinks like Mike’s Hard Lemonaid. Hard alcohol without the drawbacks of the intense flavors of hard alcohol.

But someone has taken it literally, and I think that’s pretty neat. Not worth travelling to Virgina to try neat, but neat nonetheless.

Thanks to my friend A. Ho. for the link.