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Uneven Haircut

So I either get this:

Or I get this:

And I don’t get a head on the beer nearly as often as I get no carbonation whatsoever. This is always disappointing and it’s weird in this case, because the beer is so inconsistently carbonated. Not that many bottles are carbonated but when it is,  the bottles will gush! Usually that’s the sign of an infection.

Except the beer doesn’t taste infected at all. It’s got a very clean, sweeter coffee flavor to it. Which is what I was going for, so that’s great! It’s very flavorful and worth drinking, it’s just flat. Which leaves me with a bit of a conundrum as to what went wrong.

My theory is that I didn’t mix up the bottling sugar well enough with the beer and some bottles were just overloaded with sugar. It’s not much of a theory but since everything else went right, I don’t know what else to say.

Brew Date: 6.23.14

Steeping Grains
1.5 lb Carared
1.5 Belgian Coffee malt
1 lb Mild ale malt

Fermentables: 7lb LME

.75 oz Liberty @ 60
.25 oz Simco @60
.75 Simco @10
.25 Liberty @ 10

Yeast: Breakside ale yeast-3rd use,

Bottled 7.23

NW Coffee Beer Invitational

It was a pretty chilly Saturday during the NW Coffee Beer Invitational last weekend but that’s why gloves and hats exist. These things are especially useful when an event is outside, which this was.

In some ways, I don’t think that the beers were served under just circumstances. Cold drinks plus cold weather tend to be the opposite of what normal people do. That didn’t stop people from showing up though: I got there reasonably early and by the time I left, the Invitational had gotten pretty crowded.

Once again, the mildly edited notes, ales in bold are pictured.

Grain Station Brew Works-Hank’s Dark Roast; finish is just raw hop bitterness and that wrecks it.

Base Camp-The Incredible Baltor; a baltic porter that had a weird grassy bite at the end. It’s got some complexity but the grassy note is off putting.

10 Barrel-Pray for Joe; this is a solid winter ale with a coffee accompaniment. It’s weird, but works nicely.

Breakside Brewery-Coffee Sesame Brown; I liked this one. It had a really nice nutty note in the middle of what was a nice light brown ale.

Pints Brewing-Cherry Bomb; this was a very interesting beer. The addition of coffee flavors to the tart Berliner Weisse style wasn’t something I would have expected. I think that for someone else, this would be a great beer. For me, it was just interesting.

Widmer-Scared Half to Death; this pale ale was, essentially, a cold glass of coffee. There wasn’t anything beer oriented in the flavors at all.

I’m not so sure I would go back to this event. Coffee isn’t a flavor I’m incredibly enamored with and the beers mostly fell into the “interesting but not for me” to flat out “why are you doing this to me”, categories. Still, I believe this is the first Coffee Beer Invitational, so perhaps if there is another, more refined flavors will come to light.