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I got some feedback.

A fellow OBC member, Erik, said he’d write something up on my last two beers. I appreciate his efforts, and if you’d like to see more of his stuff, he said I could direct you to his “mostly defunct blog.

I’ve added links to where I’ve written about the beer but that’s it; everything indented after this is his. Before I turn it over to him, I again want to thank him for giving me a day off.


The bottle cap came off with a pleasing little hiss.  A yeasty,
hoppy smell was evident without even leaning in for a sniff, which I
took to be a good sign.  Unfortunately, this didn’t end up being my
favorite beer.

This beer poured beautifully, with a thick, healthy head and a rich,
clear amber color.  The head stuck around for a while and was
accompanied by a nice level of carbonation in the brew.

At first I really enjoyed the flavor of this beer.  It had some
banana flavors along with an astringence which I assumed came from
the hops, which also lent an herbal character to the brew.  However,
there was something lacking in the balance which over time kept me
from wanting to finish the glass.  I think that something became a
bit too acidic, and eventually the astrigency which I found so
pleasant at first took on an overly dry, bitter character which
didn’t match my palate well.

Chocolate malt & Chai

This beer formed a big, thick, meringue-like head atop a deep brown,
transparent brew.  It gave a warm, inviting aroma filled with
cardamom, clove, and lime zest that made me eager to try the beer.

I found the beer to be very spicy, with lots of various herbal
flavors and a little sweetness.  It reminded me of Anchor’s spiced
winter ales, though it was too effervescent.  After the head started
to die down, which took quite a while, I loved this beer.  It struck
me as a perfect beverage for cooler weather, with a nicely balanced
hint of hops and a slightly acidic edge.

As the beer warmed, the hops started to emerge more and play around
in an interesting way with the spices.  This beer is definitely a
winning recipe and deserves more attention.  If the carbonation
could be improved I’d probably camp outside Dan’s place waiting for
it to be bottled.  It was impressively tasty and well done.