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Still working

Although I have continued to brew IPAs, I have finally changed up the recipe significantly. In this case, I only used one kind of hops; Centennial. The resulting beer is brighter and though citrusy not quite as bitter as other IPAs I’ve made with a blend but this could be due to a couple factors.

1) Centennial hops just don’t quite impart that level of bitterness.

2) I was using hops well past their freshness date. I needed to get them used, damnit, so I just went all out but that doesn’t change the fact that these hops were old.

3) I messed up.

4) This is actually the way it’s supposed to be.

It’s a good beer though, regardless of which of those four elements comes into play. The real trick has been, once again, the carbonation. Check this out:

centennial IPAOnce again, very little head on this beer. But that’s this beer. Others have had too much head (which would’ve made a better photo but you’re stuck with the beer I opened.) Generally it’s somewhere in the middle but finding a consistency has been very difficult and I wouldn’t mind getting that cleared up.

Still, it’s drinkable and tasty. I can give it to near-strangers and not feel ashamed. That’s a win in my book.