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Whatever You Say #22

brownThe reader will have to forgive me a little; it is my wonderful lass’s birthday and so I have indulged her with drinks and such; here are the Outboard Brain notes (with some editing.)

First to the Rogue Alehouse at Flanders, where the girlfriend has a hazelnut brown for her birthday. I have the Charlie 1981 which is an IPA but seems to stride the line b/t the NW IPAs and traditional ones. Very strong nose. Pine at end but it shows up late in the mouth, creating room for the malts to give an almost pale ale impression, until, bullfighter like, it whips the sweetness away for the pine flavors.

Hazelnut brown has a smooth, pudding-like quality in the nose. Tasty but whoa, it’s got a silkiness that is what helps make it so drinkable. I’m glad I stole tastes of that beer while I could.

cherry lemon quadNext up we’re off to the Cascade Barrel house where she’s having the Cherry Lemon ¬†Quad…and so am I (there is still a theme here, people.) I think she may’ve stopped reading the description of the quad at ‘aged in Makers Mark barrels’.

This beer is really something special. Cherry, whiskey and then a hint of lemon at the end-this is why people made and love sour ales. A slight sense of sour is sharp at the end of the nose but it’s just there for show, window dressing to a wonderful brew that I wouldn’t mind having anytime.