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7pm A Matter of Taste

“My favorite is the Stillwater/Brewer’s Art Debutante,’ the bartender says and I trust him. “I hate it when my favorite beer is the most expensive one but…”

Hey, sometimes it’s like that. What’re you going to do? Sometimes: knuckle up and try the saison.

But it isn’t working for me. I don’t hate it but I don’t like it either. If I’m recommending this beer to you, why am I doing that? Despite claiming ingredients like honeysuckle and hyssop and heather (see how clever that is!) I couldn’t tell you why they bothered. I don’t get a particularly herbal vibe from this beer; the yeasts have done their job, this is a saison. Period.

And for this I paid $6.50 for less than a pint.

I don’t blame anyone but me for this: I should’ve asked for a taste. It’s not like I couldn’t get one. Buyer beware, you know?

Sometimes you gotta take a leap though. It can’t always pay off.

I’m alone tonight; a rarity, of late. Usually I’m fortunate enough to have some pals around to play Magic with and that creates a sub-atmosphere in Bailey’s, if you will, where some of the outside is tuned out so I can visit with my friends. Now, I can just relax and absorb the place and I like that, too.

There probably isn’t enough contemplation in the world. Chilling out for a little while with a beer by yourself, not having to think about much of anything, this isn’t a bad way to spend an hour. I wonder how much calmer people might be if they were allowed such luxuries.

Probably not much but what the hell: It’s not a bad dream, is it?