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Unintended Acceleration

After putting the lighter of the two pales into secondary, I got a reading of 1.018ish which is tolerable.

The next morning though, there was beer on the floor and when I examined the carboy, I found this:

That’s a portion of the giant fracture I found in the carboy. I’m not entirely sure how this happened but that crack runs all along the top and then halfway down the carboy.

So, one emergency cleaning and sanitizing of bottles later, I have bottled the pale well ahead of schedule. The gravity reading I got when I was bottling? 1.021. Which suggests that some stuff had gotten mixed up when I transferred to secondary (expected) and that there might have even been some activity that I had to cut off by bottling (unfortunate.)

On the upside, this beer will spend more time in the bottle, so maybe it could be considered bottle conditioned? Sort of? OK, maybe not but at least there will be plenty of time to acquire carbonation.

Still, there’s no sense crying over split wort. Now, how do I appropriately dispose of a cracked carboy?