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The secret ingredient is salt*

*I actually don’t know that there will be any secret ingredient, I just stole the line from The Simpsons.

A friend alerted me to a post at the Nerd Approved blog, where they are making Oatmeal, Coffee, Bacon Stout.

As a brewer I am fascinated by this project and very much want to see how it ends.

As a lover of bacon, however, I feel that the bacon craze has gone a little too far.

But regardless of how I’m vacillating, I want to keep an eye on this project. I haven’t been very experimental in my brewing and while I generally think this is a good thing, taking some odd risks is one of the luxuries of being a homebrewer. They might help inspire me to try something different too.

PS: I doubt I’ll have a post for Friday, as I’ll be on the road. But maybe. If you’re good. And I have wi-fi.