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It’s Alive!

Sometimes, a beer is bought because of the title. The style is almost irrelevant. This is one of those times.
I’m sure that there is a class of man who could refuse this beer. I am not, nor will I ever be amongst them. Fortunately for me it was a tasty beer mining the belgian sour flavors, but not too strongly so this beer was still very drinkable.

Not so my next choice, which was also picked due to the name.
It’s probably not a good idea to name your beer Terrible unless you’re really sure you’ve got a winner. Let’s face it, if the beer isn’t good the jokes are just too easy to make, aren’t they? I’ll spare you my wit and get right to the point; this beer had a medicinal taste to it that ruined everything about it. I bought this to share with my sister and brother in law, and none of us could stomach this dark ale. Now that said, I believe this was a dark lager style and I have yet to find a beer of this style that I’m fond of.

Note to self (lunchtime beer post)

I might even add a pic to this later, if I remember to download things from the camera.

I had forgotten my lunch today, and I’d heard good things about Rock Bottom’s Blitzen belgian ale, so I figured: what the heck? And off I went.

First the good: the beer was very tasty. A belgian ale to be certain, but it had a citrius bite at the end of it to keep the sweetness in check and boy did I feel like having another sip of it when that was done. Of course, it didn’t hurt that I was being forced to endure a soulful reggae song. By this I mean; some reggae song with the buttery pop slickness of modern soul. And boy, did I hate it. My hatred did not disappear when the lame country song crooned by some woman who I’m sure lost her man or her dog or her Vibro 5000 pushed it’s way through the speakers into my ears like some kind of horrific infection.

But beer: good!

Also; the Havana Melt I ate; tasty. Ham and cheese and a spicy tomato garlic topping with spicy mustard; all very good.

The bad: regge. And pretty much any music there. See paragraph three. Also; the fries were terrible. Never get the fries again, self. They are not hot and they are coated in pepper. If I want pepper on my french fries, I can add it myself.

As I paid my bill, there was a truly wrong version of Jingle Bells interpreted by a reggae band.  I was glad to leave, but seriously thought about taking the beer with me, just to rescue it from being drank by Philistines.

East Coast One

After arriving in Manhattan, my friend Ed took me to Molly Wee’s, which is somewhere near Madison Square Garden. While I probably could find it walking in the city, I couldn’t tell you where it is. New York is like that for me; familiar but mystifying.

While the selection was rather slim, it was my first chance to relax since I’d gotten on a plane 8 hours earlier. Stuck between everything I would expect, and nothing, I went with Samuel Adam’s Oktoberfest. It was a solid, reasonable beer, malty and it had a kind of workmanlike quality that I was going to rely on whenever I was limited in my choices. Sam Adams seems to have established itself pretty strongly, at least in the Yankee areas I were in, as the solid premium beer of choice.

Fortunately, my next stop was Brooklyn, where the awesome author of the Gift Donkey began to show me around. New York was quite warm, so she walked us through the neighborhood,  passing by the bad Korean place, the crazy local dive bar (“you will get weird looks when you walk in”)  and the Williamsburg expressway. On the porches people hung out, having overloud conversations about giant bugs or strange boyfriends, or maybe both. We stopped at Mugs, a badly lit place that had a six page menu; four of beer, and two of food.  Oh yeah, this was going to be my kind of place.

Many of the beers were belgian ales, many of which I recognized, and I was a little discouraged because I wanted to try something I hadn’t before. Then on the chalkboard sign that wasn’t even illuminated as well as a grade school stage play, I made out, Brooklyn Lager on the menu.

Well, I’ve never had that before! Gimmie.

The Brooklyn Lager was decent, but I admit I was hoping for a little more. My own fault, though, for picking a beer that is meant to be so unremarkable. Spoiled by the Hopswork lager? Maybe. 

So next up was Sixpoint’s Incubus. I had no idea what I was getting when I ordered this, and found myself confronted with a yellow, hazy beer with a banana nose. The head on it had large bubbles, giving it a foamy, airy quality that made the nose stand out. The beer wasn’t very challenging, but it was still pretty tasty, and by now I’ve been up for seventeen hours. Which is my way of saying; my notes and my memory both fail me. I forgot to take pictures, and was all done in, so should this be less than accurate, please forgive me.

Away from the Geek Riots

I’ll be short of pictures and posts for the next little while, as I’m on the road. Right now, in Seattle at PAX where fans of games of any and all types come to play, chat, meet up, freak out, and generally cause a good natured ruckus. Sometimes I have to get away from the groups though, and fortunately for me getting a good beer isn’t difficult, especially if one is willing to walk a little.

Just up the street is the awesome Elysian brewpub, where yesterday I tried at least three different beers, but the one that I remember is the Hubris imperial IPA. It was very smooth, with the usual bitter aftertastes of most IPAs mellowed out of it.

Today, at Von’s I had the Old No 8, billed as ‘The world’s strongest beer’. A cheerful exuberance based on the alcohol I’m sure because there’s certainly much stronger than this 8%er. I wasn’t informed as to what to what they style was, but one sip told me it was a Belgian dubbel; not quite alcoholic or complex to be a tripel, was my deciding, but still quite good. 

I also had Maritime Pacific’s Old Seattle Lager, and found it to be a fine counterpoint to the strong beer I ‘d just had. I’m sure it would be a great drink for those times when I’ll be working off the sweat of Left 4 Dead sessions, whereas I’d probably take the Old No 8 when I started some of the marathon board games they have here. You don’t always want to start playing Risk sober.