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When you deserve a beer

The business I work at has been in the process of moving which means I’ve spent many, many days hyperactively packing, toting, labeling, and generally doing work that is more physically demanding than I am used to. It’s been especially challenging because I’m still very new to the job but have stepped into a bit more responsibility. Growing pains and all that–nothing serious, mind you, just long days where new parts of me ache.

So it was that after a day of packing I went ’round the corner to The Beermongers and had a pint. One I felt I was owed by the Universe, if you will.

The Beermongers is an interesting space; a place that sells beer and serves it in equal measure. Yet it feels open when you walk in, more casual and relaxed than a store. There’s only one television and there are seats to ignore it. But if you’re interested; hockey is on-and that’s already awesome.

In order of coolness, sports I want to see on the TV when I go into a bar: hockey, football, everything  else sucks hippo balls.

I was in for a special treat this day, however. I walk into the bar and a tall, lanky, bespectacled man behind the bar greeted me with a grin saying, “Better give this guy good service-he’s a blogger.”

He introduced himself as Josh, who co-brews with the fellow who runs Beer Around Town, a blog I’ve been reading a bit more because as homebrewers, they confront some of the issues I do while brewing. And as it turns out, he recognizes me from this blog-which is a really nice boost at the end of a long day.

He’s also super-nice and we easily fell into conversation between his pouring of beers and my drinking them. He gave me some suggestions to help me with carbonation and I’m going to try some of them (stirring the beer when I add bottling sugar) but am more reluctant to others (putting the beer into a bottling bucket and then bottling because I’ll be using so much water! and I really try to be conscious about this.)

Shortly after that I met a Scot who told me he installed the bar and a woman who was a former OBC member, and we talked about being social, brewing, and…well, bar talk. The kind you can do with strangers in the right environment.

So I pretty much recommend the Beermongers, not only as a place to purchase beer for your home (which it clearly needs) but also as a place to sit and drink a beer. The atmosphere is casual, the space loose, and it’s an easygoing spot.

(I forgot to write down what beer I got to drink though. D’oh!)