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Where I Want To Go: Academy Theater

The theater pubs are unsung heroes of Portland, I think.

When I first moved to Portland, nearly 20 years ago, the fact that there were theaters that served beer was the first sign that I was in a new an exciting place. A place where interesting ideas could take shape and find a home. Sure, eventually I discovered that there were other cities that had such locations but it seemed as though took a few years for the idea to catch on.

We don’t talk much about the theater pubs but I believe they are huge in getting a craft beer into the hands of someone who might not try one. Not everyone will go into a new and interesting bar. Almost everybody goes to the movies at some point. Why wouldn’t you get a beer while you’re at it?

There’s probably something to be said about the strip clubs of Portland and their contribution to getting craft beer in the hands of people too but that’s a very, very different Monday post.

I’ve snagged a Barley Brown‘s Tumble Off pale while I wait for a friend to meet me to see Captain America: The Winter Soldier.  It has a sweetness on the nose, like freshly opened hops.  Finish has bite: effervescent and hop oriented. It’s bright for a pale and light: this is a beer for a warm day. The bitterness lingers but I didn’t pick up on it intensifying until I got well into the beer, which for me puts that bitterness at about right.

The Winter Soldier was awesome, so I may have to come back to see it again. And get another Tumble Off.

Where I Want To Go: Hawthorne Hideaway

It’s funny how I seem to forget this blog’s theme: I pass by the Hawthorne Hideaway every weekday, going to and from work and I’ve even been here before and liked it…yet there is always that push: move move move. See the new thing. Try the new thing. Check it out!

It’s a nomad beer drinking philosophy, I suppose. But the whole point is to go to places I want to go and that needs to include places I just wouldn’t get back to otherwise. This is the goal!

I get Barley Brown‘s pale ale, in part because I’ve had plenty of Laurelwood and Boneyard’s (which are the other attractions) offerings lately. Solid beer; there’s a faint grassy note in the nose, like a field that is far away, and the bitterness on the back end might be a little strong for the style, first lemony then lemon pith but there’s a crackle of effervescence all the way through so it’s an enjoyable drink, all in all.

“El Paso” is playing and I am reminded of my Dad, who loves old cowboy songs. I can only presume that like many men of his generation, cowboys were the cultural hero and there was hope that he could emulate them somehow. So I heard a lot of old cowboy songs as a tiny.

There is an immediate transition to a punk song; some snotty popish thing that wouldn’t exist without NOFX, and they are covering, UGH, Desperado. They even seem to be doing it ironically.

Fuck everything about this moment. I need to hear anything by the Eagles with about the same weight that I need a Bud Lime.

On the upside, the punk version of Desperado ends very, very quickly.

The Hideaway feels a little different since my last visit. Is the layout more open? Certainly possible. I’ve chosen a table far away from the crowd, who has sensibly centered around the bar, to perch by the window. This may encourage how open the space feels to me right now.

I like siting at the window, though; when you are alone, stimuli that comes through a window makes more sense than in a crowd, than trying to sit at the rail and associate with people and watch the city pass by. Also, I may be feeling a little more anti-social than usual. Writing always draws attention, because who does that in public?

Although I have to admit typing draws less attention than it used to: laptops are so ubiquitous that doing work in spaces traditionally reserved for relaxation is commonplace.

I wonder about that. Thoughts for another time, perhaps.