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The Squeeze

A few months ago I saw a blogpost on Goose Island and how everything really was awesome since the ABInBev takeover.  In the subsequent thread on Reddit, I argued this:

The problem is that the men & women who started and made the culture there which produces great beer will leave.

In their place will come people from InBev and it is very unlikely that those people will buy into the culture of Goose Island as it stands and far more likely that they will be pushing a very different mentality that does not produce the kind of quality and innovation that Goose Island does now.

And then when people told me that I was crazy because it has been four years since the acquisition, I said this:

But it cannot last. The corporate practices of InBev are notoriously shitty and they will replace people with those who buy into the InBev ideas. This is only a matter of time, as far as I’m concerned but time is a funny thing. It could be tomorrow, it could be a decade from now.

And I was told I sounded paranoid.

But you know what? InBev wants to push craft beer out of the market via distributors.

This is a company that actively fears competition to their product and they are willing to resort to a war on competition in order to maintain their money. They are BAD for people who love craft beer and the competition to produce better product that the craft beer scene has driven. They engage is shitty tactics and that culture will inevitably bleed into the practices of every. brewery. InBev. purchases.

It’s just a matter of time.  Eventually Goose Island, Elysium and 10 Barrel will succumb to the practices of InBev and they will do it because the culture will encourage it.

On that happy note, I’m taking a few days off to go to a wedding this weekend! Should be back on the 23rd…and then off for Christmas. Basically, it’s the end of the year and posting will be a little spotty until January 4th.

On haste

In honor of the beer critic Michael Jackson, who died last year, homebrewers were going to try to make one of his favorite beers, Cheswick Bitter Ale for National Homebrewers Month. This is all well and good, but I’ve never had the Cheswick, so I won’t really know if I’ve made the right beer or not. (I’ve also had to substitute ingredients, but one makes do.)

Last night, I’m at Belmont Station with Fuz, looking for beer. We’ve been there awhile and I want to hurry up and pick something because we’re burning daylight, you know? I find a beer from the UK and think; ‘Ah-ha! I can try this, take notes, and then compare it to my beer!’ In my head, I’ve just bought the Cheswick Bitter.

So I buy this:Not what I thought 



Oh yeah. Very, very smart of me.


OK, so I fucked it up. But eh, it’s still beer, right? And it’s from the people who do Guinness, so it’s bound to be OK!

Well, no. Though this claims to be an Irish Ale, what this really is is mass produced, quite dull red. It tastes like soda water, with no real malt to back up the color or give any flavor. How the hell does one produce a red ale without any malt flavor?  Yet it has been done, and I can attest to it.

The one bonus is that I’d just finished a whole bunch of yardwork. Since this was more like water than beer, I felt pretty refreshed afterward, if a little foolish about my purchase. I guess I’ll just have to figure out my version of Cheswick Bitter on its own merits.