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Out and about

mokahSo I’m in a hazy space. Between projects, if you will. The next few weeks of posts will have, I hope, a slightly different flavor as I’m going to play a little fast and loose with my style and what I do. Partly to just relax a little, partly to reconnect to the brews that are being made by other people.

I feel like I’ve spent a lot of time talking about places (good, but better if you have someone to be with in a place, a way to anchor the place with an experience and most of our experiences are with people) and less about the beverages I’m having. So for just a little while, randomness and beer.

I was all set to go to the Beermongers tonight until I saw in my email a chance to hit the Southern Tier tasting. While I am on a budget, a chance to try more beers from ST cannot be resisted. Beermongers  I will hit later this week, if the Universe is kind.

So, a friend met me at the Belmont Station and we tried the samples. Then I sat down with a small glass of the Mokah (above) and we got to chat about books, movies, legalization of drugs, and…actually, I think that covers it. I purchased some of the ST summer ale which I’ll talk about later.

In the meantime, enjoy the next few weeks of loose posts and fast brews. Er…loose brews and fast posts?

Either way, there will be less talk about my beers and more talk, I hope, about my experience with the beers I drink. Or just random stuff. Don’t worry, we will resume normal broadcasts soon.