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Whatever You Say #30

I was pleasantly surprised to find myself at Bunk Sandwiches on Water St. for today’s adventure. I hadn’t really planned on my destination, so when my girlfriend left me a note saying she was out celebrating with coworkers and to call if I wanted to join them, off I went.

First, I will sing praises of the food, because my meatball parmigiano hero was cheesy. Oh, yes, it was tasty and delicious and all of that. But mmmm…melty cheese

Plus, the chips were great. I’m not sure if Bunk is making their own chips but wherever they get those potato chips from, they should continue to do so. Those potato chips were consistently good but on top of that; they appeared to be the same for everyone. That is; if you understand there is typically a variance in potato chips, usually from chip to chip but almost always from person to person, well somehow Bunk has managed to eliminate (at least for the time I was there) that variance.

I suspect the Black Arts, myself.

desolationWhether or not there are witchy chips, I still needed a beer and so I asked someone at the gathering and found myself with Amnesia’s Desolation ale, an IPA that claims to be their more ‘malt forward’ ale but seemed pretty hoppy nonetheless.

Not that I’m complaining; it was a fine ale.

And I had good company to enjoy it with. Bunk is a pretty open space, so there were issues with noise, at least for me, but after the past month of going into bars and either being isolated or irritated by the patrons, it was nice to just hang out with people and occasionally talk. Being the significant other in a group like this I’m a known quantity but not a familiar one, so I can enjoy the company of others without feeling like I have to make myself overly personable.

All in all, I have to say Bunk is a pretty good surprise.