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Front Porch Chats #64/Second Pint Loveland Foundation

Got a different porch for ya today; I’m sitting on my Dad’s stoop, a hazy IPA from Cloudburst nearby. That can is pretty sweet, ennit?

Cloudburst hazy IPA in glass, next to can, outside.

The beer is dead solid for a hazy. That style may never be my favorite, but I recognize a good one when I taste it.

I’m in Spokane for family reasons, both proud and saddening. It’s been a strange week, in terms of time and people, trying to navigate spaces new and old: the past doesn’t exactly haunt me, but it often dials my number a little more often than I’d like, especially here.

The pandemic seems all but over in Spokane, which is a little discombobulating, because that’s more about the behavior of people than the reality of what we’re going through. As a way to ease into the next phase, it’s jarring, to be honest. Cavalier about the pandemic is what got us into trouble.

Then again, the sense of getting back to a new normal-one where I can see my family and friends, but with a re-aligned sense of justice and respect, a sense of perspective: this I can get behind.

The proud event was getting to see my niece graduate. I’m so happy for her, and her next adventure should be a good one. She’s got a lot of people in her corner, even if she can’t see ‘em all.

There was even a bonus happy event, since my dad gave a ring to his girlfriend. Sure, they laughed out loud when I asked about a wedding date, but it’s good to see people come together.

It’s even good when it’s for a sadder thing, as a memorial for an old family friend took place. In some ways, the thing I loved most about the memorial was that everybody admitted the guest of honor was flawed, and had little trouble saying so (much like he was while alive) but what stuck out in their minds was the good stuff.

The times where they knew they were loved.

Can’t beat that.

Today’s second pint goes to the Loveland Foundation.

Spokane Brew Reviews 2

OK, it’s time to finish off the reviews of beers I picked up while in Spokane.

29165924752_9bdc28b425_cBig Barn Brewing-Mead Honey Lager: Yup, the sourish nose I’d expect from a lager is there but the body of the beer is sweet and light and the finish is a little peppery, along with the fizz. I think this is a pretty solid brew! And I’m a little surprised at that, given the nose.

Backwoods-Logyard IPA: Citrus and tropical fruit in the nose. Pineapple might capture this best. Hops appear to be floating in the beer. This isn’t a bad thing per se but it’s really unusual for a commercial ale! The beer itself is a touch thin and could use some sweetness in the middle to help balance out the hop bitterness that comes at the end. It isn’t bad, no no. I’d just prefer a little more body, personally.

29165925682_788aba5a77_cLaughing Dog brewery-Anubis Imperial Coffee Porter. The nose is like coffee liquor, as it comes with that background sweetness. The flavor is what I would guess a sweet roast of coffee would taste like. It also seems like a faint trickle of anise is there. All in all, I’d definitely recommend it for someone who likes coffee. For me, it’s a little rough on the finish, with the 9.2% ABV showing up in a slightly unpleasant manner.

Bitter Root Brewing-NW Pale ale: I like this scent because it’s piney, which is always a welcome relief from the usual. It’s got a lovely sweetness to it, reminds me a little bit of peaches. For such a light beer, that sweetness is surprising! But the bitterness isn’t too strong and this comes across as a very nicely balanced beer with some different flavor profiles happening. I dig it.

And that’s it for now! Time to get back to some of the Portland beers that are out there.

I went to a couple places in Spokane

I can finally start the “Spokane Road Trip Reviews”, so let’s get to it. There’s the beers I had at brewpubs and bars and the stash I brought home with me to review. First: where to go in Spokane.

28559768174_05ced60eaf_cAt the Flying Goat, which is a solid pub/pizza joint, I had a Road Trip Pale from NW Brewing. It’s a bit too subtle for me: nothing in the nose to distinguish it, but it’s a thirst quencher so I’m not unhappy about my purchase. The pale is too focused on the back end of the beer-the hop bitterness and dry quality that comes from it, instead of some of the front end or midrange. Not bad, but not very balanced.

At Perry St Brewing I went with the Kolsch. OK, so this isn’t Old Town Brewing’s Kolsch, which is currently my favorite Kolsch. But the nose is clean, the middle has just enough of a bready note to give it body and the finish is extremely crisp. Like: over carbonated soda pop crisp. That isn’t a drawback; that’s an excessively drinkable beer executing on its promise. I feel comfortable recommending it, even if it isn’t OTB’s beer.

To prove it: I have Perry St.’s single malt IPA and though it’s a short glass, the nose is a prominent tropical fruit, the middle has a sweet note and the finish, while bitter, isn’t overwhelming. It’s just really drinkable.

28559768644_a2e9cdeacd_cFinally, I checked out Bellweather’s taproom with their Patrick Horn brown ale. I like it. Smooth and with a strong chocolate note, it has a dry finish. I wasn’t expecting that and while it’s not a bad thing I’m not sure how well it goes with this particular style. So far, it’s at least acceptable.

A word about the space, too, since I haven’t been here before and the locals tell me it’s new. Since the music is varied but muted, withi art on the walls but no televisions, it feels like a good place to have conversations. I really dig this place. It could use some baffling to help mute surrounding conversations, as on a busy day I could easily see having to raise your voice quite a bit to be heard. Aside from that though, it was a comfortable place to have a beer and had a different vibe than a lot of other places I’d been in Spokane.