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Piggybacking (a little) off of the “most influential beers” post, we have a history of the Sierra Nevada pale ale, which is one of the most important beers of the American craft beer movement.

And just as a reminder, if you haven’t had a beer that got you into craft brewing, maybe give them a go again. You might find yourself surprised about how good they still are.

Seed To Glass

A neat interview with a brewer who is interested in using sustainable systems for brewing and the farm he’s got to help him do just that.

One thing I find amusing is that his brewery became the first one since Prohibition to grow, malt, and brew all their own ingredients.

Everything old really is new again…but hopefully with more wisdom to it.

How Bad is It?

This post from Jeff Alworth is about a month old, but given the closing of Grixen brewing this Sunday, it still feels appropriate: because it’s bad.

It’s really bad.

And while the lens that I’m looking at the universe through involves craft beer, what I want to emphasize is that this is just a slice of what other industries and people are going through and none of is good. We rely on so much to make our lives as rich as they are…and a lot of the people who take on that work are being given the most difficult challenges they’ve faced.

It is, as the late Don Younger said, not about the beer, but it’s about the beer.

The Convert

This enjoyable story about a heavy metal drummer finding a second career in craft brewing is both a lot of fun and, I think, a great example of how the enthusiasm for something can bring someone around.

If it wasn’t for the passion of US beer drinkers, this guy wouldn’t’ve ever found himself in this position. That’s a cool thing, in days when America is, to put it kindly, shooting itself in the foot.

Black Is Beautiful Collab

I found this link via my homebrew club and so far, it looks like only 10 Barrel in Oregon is going to be making a beer for this-but I hope there is more.

While I’m here, I’d like to spotlight this link for Black owned craft breweries around the U.S. (Thanks to my pal Luna for sending that my way!) The last one on the list, Weathered Souls, helped spearhead the Black Is Beautiful collaboration beer linked above.

Looks like the closest one to me is in California and…well that ain’t right. Black people were brewers during the founding of this nation and they shouldn’t be shut out of the benefits craft beer has brought us in the modern age.

That said; cool vacation destinations, when we can travel again, and maybe new local spots for readers not in Portland.