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But Capitalism

Just chalk this story up as ‘another reasons large companies should be broken up’. Because I don’t think for a second that they aren’t trying to do similar things in the US-tech companies already do these kinds of things with our internet.

Also, if you have a $6.16 billion dollar share of the industry and your fines could hit a total of $250 million leaving you with 5.9 billion left, that isn’t a penalty, it’s just the cost of doing business.

The Other Review

There have been a couple reviews of 2020, and well…they are a thing.

It’s been pretty weird pandemic for business and craft beer enjoyment at large, but it’s neat to see the places that people pivoted to a different method of production.

That said: I wish we’d just close everything for two months, pay everyone to stay home and start over in March.

I know we’ve been drinking a lot these days…

…but what surprises and disturbs me is how, relatively speaking, we’re not drinking much more than we tend to in a typical year.

Research done at the University of Victoria suggests that the average person in BC has had between five and ten more drinks a month in 2020 than the 2012-2019 average. Drinking spiked in March (unsurprisingly), dipped in April, and has gone up consistently until July (the last month for which the researchers have data). But again–not as much as I was expecting.

What is shocking to me, though? Those numbers represent “estimates of per capita monthly standard drinks of total alcohol consumption” for everybody in the province aged 15 and older. To put it in other words: if a standard drink is ~a 12 oz. beer at 5% alcohol, that means that in July 2020, it’s estimated that every single person in BC aged 15 or older drank the equivalent of fifty beers in the month of July. Which is, again, just slightly higher than the average of per capita monthly standard drinks of total alcohol consumption since 2012.

Fifty drinks is approximately two beers a night. Or two glasses of wine. Or two shots. Which is not bad.

But then you remember that the drinking age in BC is 19. And, of course, not everyone drinks fifty drinks a month; I’m probably at a third of that this month.

So spare a thought for those whose drinking keeps the average per capita that high in a regular year.

“If your taproom doesn’t make up some portion of your local inhabitants—that’s a problem”

That quote is taken from this lengthy series of interviews on how to take the first steps towards racial equality in the brewing industry.

I like to talk about these things whenever I can-promote them, really. I don’t have any actual power, beyond who I purchase from, how I treat people, and who I can spotlight.

But I know it’s important to spotlight because in some cases, that’s the only way people find out about what they can do.