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“If your taproom doesn’t make up some portion of your local inhabitants—that’s a problem”

That quote is taken from this lengthy series of interviews on how to take the first steps towards racial equality in the brewing industry.

I like to talk about these things whenever I can-promote them, really. I don’t have any actual power, beyond who I purchase from, how I treat people, and who I can spotlight.

But I know it’s important to spotlight because in some cases, that’s the only way people find out about what they can do.

Current History

I really love this story about how historians are documenting the impact of the pandemic on the craft industry. It’s the biggest thing to happen in the US to the brewing industry at large since Prohibition and I’m glad that there is someone actively trying to document what’s happening.

Good & Bad

NPR did a story about what beer sales are telling us about the impact the pandemic/recession is having on the beer industry.
One element that stood out to me, though was this:

“You know, we didn’t really see craft or imports or super premium lose share in the last recession,” he says. That’s because, he says, the recession didn’t inflict as much pain on the class of people who tend to drink Session IPAs, artisanal Porters, Belgian Lambics and Saison pale ales. Likewise, in this pandemic and recession, craft beer drinkers are more likely to have the luxury of working remotely, keeping their jobs and spending a few extra bucks on beverages with flavor.

Now, on the one hand I’m thrilled that craft beer has been doing well. All things considered, well, anyway.

On the other hand, I cannot help but notice how the group of people who are able to support the industry are people who do not have to risk their lives. Unlike the people in the industry who make the thing they love.


Break Up Big Beer


Also, big tech, big media, and big banks.

Fun l’il anecdote to this: I found this story via Reddit and one of the comments, from someone who hadn’t and clearly wasn’t interested in reading the story, went:

“Why? They make decent beer (ed.-later clarified as Bud Light, Busch, Coors) for cheap.”

My dude, “Let poor people drink shitty beer” is not the argument that you think it is.