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Oregon Brewers’ Fest stuff

I’ll be volunteering at the OBF this Saturday evening so I’ll be talking about it more from that perspective, but I’ve found some information out thanks to the Oregon Brew Crew listserv.

First, Browsing Brews’ has produced some suggested lists of beers to try. I’ve kept myself mostly ignorant of what kinds of beers are there so I can relish the surprise of finding something new but others might be thirsty for information. 

Second, I’ve found out that Rogue will be running a free shuttle service from 12-9pm, starting tomorrow and going through the OBF. The shuttles will run thus:

Rogue NW (1339 NW Flanders) to OBF (Waterfront Park)
OBF to Horse Brass (4534 SE Belmont)
Horse Brass to Green Dragon (928 SE 9th)
Green Dragon to OBF

I don’t know any other details, but that’s a pretty sweet thing their doing. Encouraging safety and the party atmosphere. I like it.

Odds and ends

Casualbrewery forwarded to me this article on brewing with hot rocks. Apparently it’s old school brewing Finnish style. I have actually had the Hot Rocks Lager and I enjoyed it. However while it was a good beer I have to admit, I liked it more because the idea of people throwing superheated rocks into water is very appealing to me.

And my friend Ed has this post at his blog about a North Korean brew, Taedonggang. I generally don’t go for brews from that part of the world, but this has everything to do with exposure. All I seem to see are lagers, and big brewery lagers at that. Budweiser from Japan, in essence. That said, I like to give anything new a chance and I don’t know that much about North Korea so if they can ship a bottle to me unbroken, I’ll drink it.

Might have to try this

There’s a beer haiku contest.

Also, a cheap summer beer taste test. For those of you suffering in the heat, maybe a cheap beer made from the times when we didn’t know any better will help.

Finally, a list of events during Oregon Craft Beer Month-which is now!

Bonus section: the beer that I wasn’t meant to brew has been bottled. The OG (Original Gravity) on that beer was 1.062, the FG (Final Gravity) was 1.02. That puts the beer at about 5.44% alcohol by volume. I had a sip of the dregs and it tasted more acrid than usual on the back end. However, I know that’s not the best barometer of the quality of a beer. A couple weeks in the bottle and who knows? It may yet be drinkable.

And on a personal note– there were 190 people looking at this blog around Monday. I don’t know who you are, but thanks for visiting.

Beers for summer

As suggested by this guy. I don’t know what his qualifications are beyond writing a column on the internet, especially since he gets the Weissbier wrong; they don’t serve beers with fruit anywhere but America. (Well, they might, but they do it because we started doing it.) PBR is not a good beer, and it’s hoppiness is laughable at best. The Grains of Paradise used in Sam Adams Summer Ale are not what I’d call rare. Then again, I’m just some guy writing on the internet and I don’t even get paid. I leave it to the reader to make some discerning judgments about the quality of that list. 

I found the article via Fark, and the comments of their readers are here. Maybe you’ll find something worth checking out amongst their suggestions, maybe you’ll just enjoy the snark. Maybe you’ve got beers of your own to drink this summer that encapsulate the season for you. I certainly hope so. 

As for myself, it’s been too cool for lagers, kolsches, light wheat beers. I’m going to stick to pales until the weather starts demanding something else from me. 

I’m going to go to the Portland Beer and Blog tonight and see what that’s about. If nothing else I’ll get to check out the Green Dragon which I haven’t been too since Rogue took it over. Should be fun!

I don’t get it

Maybe the women out there can explain this story to me. I’ll agree that women are foolishly ignored when it comes to marketing beer, but is it really the color and the head that turns women away? Would it really be the addition of fruit or tea flavors that would increase the attractiveness of beer to women? 

Because as someone who likes beer (and food) all I really need is for someone to say: Give this a shot. 

Hell, at the last 52 Weeks post, I had a nice conversation with a woman who had come up to the bar wondering what she ought to order, and asked me what I was drinking. I treated her like anyone else who wanted a beer, and she bought what was in my glass! (Well, not literally, but you get the idea.)

Recycled beer (but not the obvious kind)

I just find it really cool that people are finding ways to reuse beer waste product to make more food

This post also inspired me to make a news category. I guess my interests in beer go beyond just what I drink and make in Portland. Plus, stories like this remind me to try and minimize my own impact on the environment when I brew. It takes a lot of water to make beer, and there’s always used grains, hops, and wort detritus that has to be dealt with. I try and minimize my own water use, and reuse or recycle my other materials when I brew, but on a larger scale things become much more difficult to handle. I like it when smart people come up with interesting solutions to these kinds of problems.