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International Edition II

I dug this story about a small agricultural community in Japan using their hop growing industry to build up their town.

And I apologize for not having a post saying I’d be taking the Thanksgiving holiday off. It just skipped my mind! I hope everyone had a lovely holiday.

Craft Brewing International

I think it’s fair to say that craft brewing in America changed the beer world. The rise of craft beer here has had an impact even on brewing cultures in Britain and Germany, which is saying quite a bit!

But it’s still cool to see how craft brewing is taking root in places that weren’t known for their brewing culture: check it out!

Water: Still Important

There are a great many things to find disturbing in this timeline. Maybe you don’t care about a lot of them, but if you’re reading this blog, water should definitely be one of them.

So, this story is as good a reason to get involved with opposing the disturbances of this timeline as any.

And before people try to point out that “breweries have their own water filtration systems” or anything along those lines, all I can say is: don’t focus on the tree in order to willfully ignore the forest.

If That’s What It Takes…

It’s no secret to anyone paying attention that not only is our planet under the stresses of the climate crisis. Worse, the current leadership in government seems hellbent on ignoring any of these problems.

It seems like the only thing that matters is how much money can be squeezed out before things become entirely unsustainable.

So, if it takes businesses getting involved in protecting the environment in order to produce beer, so be it.

A Neat Way Forward

Breakside is going with an employee ownership program.

I like this quite a bit, because craft beer lives and dies on the local scene and the local involvement. Even when breweries get as big as Sierra Nevada, events come along to remind them that their local community matters.

So I appreciate the choices Breakside’s ownership made here, rooting further into the community instead of selling out to a larger corporation.