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You Thought PBR Was Cheap?

My friend Aaron sent me this story from Canada and it’s a fun read. Thinking about it, there ARE beers that you’d have to pay me to drink. Except Old German: I’m never touching that stuff again.

Edit: I thought it was Wednesday, so…you get tomorrow’s post today!

Wari Beer

This is an article on brewing an ancient style of beer.

Worth reading just for the sentence:

Inside the mass spectrometer, the sample is heated to about 9,000⁰C, which is hot enough to break down the bonds that hold molecules together. This leaves charged atoms, which get sorted by mass.

I didn’t even know that was possible. I love this.

Well, So Much For Founders

Fuz sent me this story, which was brand new to me, unfortunately. Apparently the lawsuit in question goes back to August 22 and got some attention back then, but clearly not nearly what it should have.

And while the first action is pretty easy for me; no more drinking Founders ale, until they’ve cleaned up their act, there is always the next question: What else can the consumer do?

We can share that story. Because I didn’t know about it for six months but if I had, I would’ve stopped drinking their beer long before. Others probably didn’t know about it either; it’s on us to help make these problems visible so that they can be fixed.