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It’s All Political, Eventually

Even the beer.

For anyone wondering what I mean, let me elaborate-briefly.

This beer could’ve had any name but the brewers chose to send a message. They’re making a statement to their fellow citizens, and to the world, about where they as as brewery-and breweries don’t exist without people-stand.

Something to keep in mind is all.

Hop History

This isn’t a long article but it’s definitely the kind of thing I’m thrilled to see: a short profile of someone creating a history of Polk County, Oregon’s involvement in American brewing.

The quote at the end is the cherry on top though, because it emphasizes how something like beer relates to living and why that’s important.


Reading this article on the latest wave of craft brewery acquisitions was…depressing.

It makes some sense, at least: the people who started these companies in the 80’s and 90’s are looking to retire and selling their business off is a hell of a way to do it.

But it signals to me a way that the world is just getting smaller, the options restricted: Corporate Daddies making sure that their investments produce on time, and deviation isn’t to be welcomed.

Not that I’m supporting hate tourism by any means. What kind of knucklefuck goes into an establishment just to pour a beer out?

But I can’t say I’m thrilled to see the Great Consolidation of breweries come about.

(Edit): published this a day early but hey, day early content!

Never Break The Chain

Got a couple stories about supply chain issues-something I’m sure we’re more and more familiar with.

First there’s the report about places in Canada having trouble getting beer from ports in San Diego. This was before the floods cut off B.C. and who knows what kind of supply chain issues (among other things) will result from that.

Closer to home, there’s this report on an aluminum can shortage that will have an impact on so many of the smaller breweries. Canning became a lifeline for them, when the pubs closed down and their sales model had to change.

That demand, of course, has made it’s way up the chain and now many of them are looking at price increases to canning that are likely to have a pretty nasty impact on the business model the breweries transitioned to.

All of this, of course, can be directly traced back to the global response to COVID-19, particularly amongst nations lead by right-wing factions-like America.

Sigh. Things didn’t have to be this bad.