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It’s All Craft Beer Now

It may’ve been mentioned before but seeing this map, showing how many craft breweries each state has, really drives it home for me.

There isn’t a place in America where you can’t find craft beer. Something made by someone in your own state.

That is both a neat point of pride for people (hey, we make this here!) and a cool reason to travel (Oooo, I can’t find that at home!) I think we could use some more reasons to engage in some friendly rivalry with each other and if good beer isn’t the best one well, I’m open to other suggestions.

But you got a long way to convince me.

But Capitalism

Just chalk this story up as ‘another reasons large companies should be broken up’. Because I don’t think for a second that they aren’t trying to do similar things in the US-tech companies already do these kinds of things with our internet.

Also, if you have a $6.16 billion dollar share of the industry and your fines could hit a total of $250 million leaving you with 5.9 billion left, that isn’t a penalty, it’s just the cost of doing business.