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So they recently unearthed the ruins of a 5,000 year old tavern.

That’s neat of course, and I love reading about these things. However, sometimes it really makes me wonder how much knowledge has been lost over time.

We’ve had over five thousand years to get the process of restauranting and pubbing correct and people still can’t make a living working at one. It might just be that something is wrong about that.

A First Time Repeat

The Oregon Brewer’s Fest is being cancelled again this year and I really have to wonder if this is the end.

The festival only brought in a little over 23,000 people last year, compared to the heyday of over 85,000. Part of what kept people away? Temperatures over 100 degrees.

Climate crisis is a real thing. The pandemic is a real thing. Really wish I didn’t have to see more things collapse before people started behaving like this was the case. But I all but guarantee that this story is going to be seen again and again.

Ancient Yeasts

They have apparently discovered the final? parent of lager yeast-in Ireland!

This is cool for a couple reasons to me: first being that, hey there’s still a lot of the world to discover!

The other is that they’re going to try to make a commercial partner to brew beer with this yeast, and I’m all here for it.


While I don’t expect everyone who reads my blog to share my values, I would hope that someone who reads frequently does care about beer and the production thereof.

Which means stories like this one are going to be of relevance. I’d read that German breweries were facing a CO2 shortage a few weeks ago, and foolishly I did not think: that’s coming to America, soon.

But I clearly should have. It’s an interconnected world and we’ve done a lot of damage to it, which is coming back to bite us.

Here’s to hoping we can defang that beast.

Keep At It

I got a friend who just wants to keep politics out of his life.

And, as this article reminds me, that is a fine way to have shitty things overrun your life.

Because even though that article is about the sexism and toxic workplace of Tired Hands, that status quo returned because it lacked the collective action to change the environment there.

You know, the kind of thing politics does.