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Not quite a kolsch

This, I’m pleased to say, is a beer that I brewed.
The original goal was to make a kolsch style beer, however I was given amber malt instead of light malt, and that tweaked everything out. I’m told by the fine people at the OBC that my beer resembles more of an altbier-like Rogue’s Dead Guy, or Alaskan’s Amber ale, than a kolsch.

Still, being compared to Rogue’s flagship beer doesn’t suck, so I’ll continue. The nose on this beer isn’t too floral, and the hops are a bit muted here. But it’s got a pretty strong head, and is very effervescent, which gives it a nose that lasts throughout the beer. The flavors, however, are very malty. This beer is very, very carmel in flavor. It pulls off a rare feat for a malty beer; it’s sweet but without being cloying. This may be in part because of the effervescence, which might help give it more body than ordinary. The other thing that keeps this beer from getting too sweet is the alcohol warmth there. I’m not entirely sure how I did this, but this beer is pretty strong. How strong, I’m not sure (I’m terrible at getting gravity readings that would give me this information) but I do know that a couple of these without food, and you’re feeling it.

That’s the kind of effect that keeps Old or Strong Ales from being too sweet too; I don’t think I did anything quite that strong, but the idea is still the same.