Front Porch Chats S2 #19

(Musical accompaniment to this post: song I love remixed by a musician I also love. Don’t worry, the post won’t take as long to read as the song)

So, I had a birthday last week. Things looked a bit like this:

10 people in bunny ears at a table.

There is…a lot going on in this picture and there are stories within this story that I could tell-would even enjoy telling honestly.

But, mostly what I feel is humbled, and honored and very grateful.

It is things like this that give me hope that maybe-but by no means certainly-maybe things will work out. For the okayest. Doesn’t have to be the best. But enough that we have a life worth living, just because your friends will show up in bunny ears and a convince 3/4 of a bar to wear them, for no reason, really…

The okayest is worth living for, too.

Occidental's Japanese lager in glass on table outside

Occidental’s Japanese lager on the table today and it is an excellent beer but like most lagers, really wants the most destructive food to join it-from a health perspective. Pizza, nachos, hot dogs, you know: all the things that make life worth it, but you shouldn’t have every day.

Kinda like birthdays.


One thought on “Front Porch Chats S2 #19”

  1. I hate lagers….but I enjoy reading your reviews of other beers…and more importantly, I really enjoy reading some of your philosophizing. This one is beautiful: “The okayest is worth living for, too.” Happy Birthday (late)!

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