Front Porch Chats S2 #18

Away Days-Forest Hills IIPA in glass on a table outside.

You lack conviction.”

I have been thinking about this scene a lot this week, specifically as a way to contextualize the recent revelations that Tucker Carlson-a man who is uniquely suited to be both a white nationalist fuckboi and the worst goddamn lay in America-hated Donald Trump.

Sure, he hated Trump because the man was bad for business and in the end, Carlson is the kind of fuckboi who wants to make sure you’ve left the money on the dresser. But nevertheless, after what might only be 10 years human time but is probably two or three lifetimes of RealHuman Ted Cruz’s species, it comes to light that the man that Carlson has spent god knows how much time sucking off is despicable.

Just like every decent person saw.

I honestly wonder what that kind of hate does to a person. Well…I used to. I used to wonder about that because it just wasn’t on such high volume.

But at this point, I get it: hate is all they have because money doesn’t love you back.

And they don’t just hate Blacks, women, and LGBTQ+ people. No. Their hate encompasses everything: the “plebes”, the poor- even, and especially, each other.

As horrific as their hatred is, and the consequences that we are having to hack through like Indiana Jones with a trusty machete, the key to their undoing is always and forevermore locked within them: they hate each other. They have no guiding principle, no belief in each other. “Fuck you, got mine” is the only signal in the sky for them.

Say what you want about people doing the work of compassion, we at least are doing the work that represents our conviction. When push comes to shove, I know I can rely on the people around me to help, in whatever way they can, as much as they can. Not just when things aren’t so great, but also when things are good! We get to be happy, just because the people around us are happy.

That’s a little magical, when you think about it.

Carlson can’t ever say that. And I would feel bad for him and his ilk, but actions do have consequences as they so gleefully and spitefully like to inform us.

So fuck ‘em. They’ll lose, no matter how dire things seem for us.

They lack conviction.

All of these musings come with a Forest Hills IIPA from Away Days. (i didn’t mean to spotlight them two weeks in a row but…) . What I would say I appreciate about this double IPA is that even though it is strong it isn’t cloying, and even though it is hopped well, there’s enough sweetness to keep everything in check.

Pretty dang good.

Finally, I’m taking the rest of the week of. Have fun, be safe, and I’ll see you on Monday.

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