Brown Ale Dec 22

Brown ale in a glass on kitchen countertop

The nose has a really lovely toffey quality to it that I’m very excited about. It took me a minute to figure it out, because I was expecting more chocolate flavors but no; this is like toasted chocolate.

So I’m going with toffey.

Unfortunately the mouthfeel for this beer is just on the thinner side. It doesn’t quite hold the impact that the nose offers up.

It’s not bad though! This is supposed to be a lighter beverage and for the most part I think it succeeds. I didn’t use any clarifying agent in this one, which I think was a mistake. If this brown ale looked a little more translucent, I think that might boost its overall appeal.

Still, the flavors are there with a bit of chocolate malt to bridge to a very clean finish. I’ll take it.

Brew date: 12/3/22

Steeping grains
6 lb Munich
2.5 lb Vienna
.5 Brown

Fermentables: 4 lb Golden malt extract

1 oz N Brewer, .25 oz Nugget @60
.75 oz Nugget @30

Yeast: Imperial Tartan (3rd & final use)

OG: 1.064

FG: 1.014

Bottled 12/10

ABV: 6.8%


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