Front Porch Chats S2 #6

Steeplejack's Kolsch in a glass on a table outside.

Though it isn’t exactly seasonal, I have decided to try Steeplejack’s kolsch today. The chill in the air really does make for a better dark beer season, but a crackin’ beer is good anytime.

And this is one of ‘em! The nose has that sourdough quality that I love in this style. The kolsch is pleasantly grainy, really showing off its malt profile. And it finishes very clean and sparkly. I’m impressed, for sure.

This week, a fellow I went to college with died. He wasn’t feeling well, decided to take a nap and just didn’t wake up.

So I am that many years old now. The age when the losses will start to come to rest at the door instead of gains.

I can’t say that I give death too much thought. I still don’t: It’s inevitable. Nobody’s getting out of here alive. So I try not to worry about it too much, beyond; let’s try to keep the body in as good a shape as possible, so I don’t suffer horribly on my way to death.

That’s the part I don’t like: the suffering part.

In small ways it’s already happening of course: My back needs specific exercises to keep it from hurting, my ankles are inclined to break at inopportune moments, and I swear I absolutely despise the daylight bright headlights on cars. We live in a city, damnit. We do not need klieg lights on cars!

I wear gloves starting in September sometimes, because my hands will ache in the cold. It’s not bad, but if I don’t have to endure pain, why should I?

Still, the alternative to the suffering of getting older is, well, not getting older. And there is still plenty of work to be done-on myself and for others. Along with good beer to drink, and friends to see, and kisses to receive.

So, I guess we should keep taking care, ya?

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