Front Porch Chats S2 #5

This is the second week in a month where it’s has been too windy to reasonably be outside. Part of my fence has collapsed due to wind! Almost like those climate crisis fellas are on to something….

Sullivan's Irish Red ale, in glass on table in the sun porch.

So to the sun porch! Where this Sullivan’s Matlings Irish Red ale casts its deep ruby shadow over my palate.

This beer is for the maltsers. Layered flavors of grain, toffee, and roast, with a nose that lilts to the sweeter side. The finish is quite dry though; surprisingly so! I feel like I could have a warm pretzel with cheese with this and that would be about dead on.

Other things that should be dead on: Nazis.

I fucking cannot believe that in 2022 we (again, because we did it in 2020, and 2018, and 2016, and 1944) have to say, emphatically, that Nazis are bad. That cutting off their avenue to the public discourse is a good thing and we should do it all the time and the only reason you’d let them have a say is because you think Nazis are cool.

Elon Musk has shown his whole ass: what is there really left to say about Twitter except GTFO.

And by that extension; Tesla. Or anything Musk is involved in. Don’t give money or attention to Nazis. It’s pretty fucking easy, honestly.

Look folks, I really just want to have a life where I get kissed on a regular basis, drink beer whenever feasible and get to play games and write in between. I’m wagering that most people want something pretty similar. Nazis put a cramp in that, along with billionaires and climate crisis.

So can we just not do….those things?

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