Summer Pale

This pale has a good nose; just a little floral. But…most of my beers have had an excess carbonation-as you might see from the head on this beer.

The nose fades quickly, which isn’t so bad, the malts get a chance to step in but not very long. The effervescence of the beer starts rapidly, and its very, very prominent.

The tingle remains on my tongue long after the beer is gone.

It isn’t bad, but something went awry and I’m not sure what or why. It isn’t contaminated, I’m relatively certain of that. There arn’t the kind of off flavors that would be associated with contamination.

But, the overcarbonation does suggest something was amiss.

Still, it’s drinkable, and goes well with nachos. Hard to complain about that.

My failure to attach a recipe however, IS a problem. I’m usually really good about this!

Ah well. If this is the big mistake of 2022, then I’m getting off pretty light.

This will be the last post until Wed, Nov 30th so I can go on vacation. Cheers!


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