Front Porch Chats S2 #4

Pfriem's maple barrel aged smoked porter, in glass on table, with bottle of same behind that glass.

On the table is Pfriem’s maple barrel aged smoked porter from 2021. Bottled in 2020, this is a subtle masterpiece of a beer. It smells like one of the best maple bars you could ever ask for. If this was a solid, I would fully expect a cup of coffee next to it, and a cranky old man in a diner to enjoy both.

There’s a subtle touch of smoke too, which really compliments the sweetness of this beer. It’s very smooth and if you aren’t jealous of this, you probably should be.

My buddy Jeremie brought this beer over to share with me. It’s always nice to see him, because usually when our paths cross it it at an event of some sort. You know how it is: “Hey nice to see you OK, gotta keep going”.

But this guy knows more about beer and brewing than I ever will, and is constantly kind and gracious about sharing his knowledge-and what is a truly impressive library of ales. So to have the opportunity to just sit down and chat for a bit is a nice change of pace.

This is what I actually miss about pubs. Sure, you can go there with lots of people but it’s the opportunity to just visit with two or three that makes it.

Fuckin’ pandemic.

However, it is Thanksgiving week, and I instead choose to be thankful. That I have a friend who will bring good beer and stay to chat. That I have a place to host that is safe from harm. These are good things, things that not everyone has access too, in a world that wants to insist that we should be frightened…and sometimes with good reason.

I’ll take my gratitude as defiance to that narrative, and a beer with friends anytime.

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