Continued Amber

Amber ale in glass on a table outside

The current amberish is pretty solid. Didn’t rinse my glass, so I can’t get the nose right-I left some dust int he glass, unfortunately.

Has a solid finishing bitterness though, with a good malt sweetness in front of it. It’s probably pretty average-that is, most people wouldn’t pick it out of a lineup, but it’s doing what it’s supposed to be doing! I can appreciate that.

Hopefully this wasn’t supposed to be a pale because otherwise I did something a bit awry. So let’s try another.

There’s a spiciness on the finish. This beer has more going on than I thought it did! It still isn’t a pale. The malt qualities in the middle are too strong for it to be a pale. But there IS more going on than I had thought.

What isn’t OK is that I forgot to include the recipe! Which…c’mon.

Ah well. Sometimes that happens.


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