Front Porch Chats S2 #2

It’s 10:31 pm, I am home. I got that goin’ for me, which is nice.

10:15: did I do the right thing? Did I eliminate the opportunity for someone to have a warm place to spend the night because I wanted to do right? I’m a little upset because I don’t know and I might’ve done something wrong.

10:00: I pass by a clearly houseless woman with a gray raincoat, hood up, at least a foot shorter and I keep walking: she’s just looking to move along. Then to my right a man with a green-gray cap is coming towards the sidewalk and we do the dude head nod, but he gives me a smile.

I do not like this smile. It has been a long night.

40 steps later, I turn around. The man is talking to the woman. I cannot hear anything. Is this my business? I pause. The woman’s body language suggests she wants to pull away. Should I wait? Should I ask? The conversation is clearly not heated. Rain is starting to speckle from the sky. This isn’t my business.

They have both noticed me. Their conversation continues. The subtext of this interaction does not change. She seems to want to leave, but will acquiesce. Is this my concern??

I step forward. They stop. I step forward again. I am a good 40 feet from anyone, and between the traffic and the rain I cannot hear anything. But she still wants to leave. I wait. She leaves, he heads in another direction.

9:30-ish: I am at Unlimited IPA. I ask the bartender what he likes out of the three west coast IPAs available. He tells me the Grains Of Wrath is the most popular.

“I didn’t ask you what was the most popular, I asked you what you liked.”

“Oh well the Rosendstadt feistbeir is my favorite.”

“That isn’t on the menu,” I tell him.

“Yes, well…” he smiles.

“Gimme a short pour, please. I’m here to go.” (The beer is pretty good!)

Moon shot, Nov 5, 2022

9:16: the 14 bus passes me. Goddamnit. At least the moon is pretty.

9:15pm ish, I am walking by the bus stop on 52nd and Woodward and I think: hey, there hasn’t been a bus for the past 40 blocks (30+ minutes). I check the bus stop. There is no paper schedule available. There is no electronic schedule available to me. You can scan a QR code, except I don’t have a phone. I’ve passed 6 stops with no way for me to get information about of often the bus runs. Fuck it. Keep walking.

I am not angry at the forces that remove paper schedules or fuck up displays, (though they are hurting their own, not the moneyrunners). I am angry at a system that perpetuates poverty. This is depressing. I just want to go home. I have to pee.

8:45: I am walking along Cesar E Chavez. An overly large Ford pickup with blue sides and a white tailgate honks at every homeless tent he passes by. Because fuck them, right?

I wish for instant karma. It’s ALWAYS some doglicked asshole in a pickup you can fit the Grand Canyon in. Who wants these assholes, or the attitudes of these assholes in charge?

So fuck Rene Gonzales. His first reply to; What would you do about the homeless issues was “Well let’s ask the progressives”. And when that went over like a lead balloon, he pivoted to “have them arrested” as if that wasn’t what Portland was doing for the past 3 years.

Fuck him. Giving him a position on the city council will do nothing for us, because he has no actual plan-and a plan is almost always better than no plan-beyond, ‘let’s do what we’ve done forever’.

And in that same breath, fuck Betsy Johnson and Christine Drazan. The only difference between those two women is that one will oppress you but allow women to get an abortion.

Neither of them have an actual plan to address the problems facing Oregon. Tina does and even if it isn’t the Golden Elixir, a plan is better than no plan.

But Betsy Johnson got 1 million dollars from Phil Knight so she can play the spoiler and he can have a lesser tax burden.

I can barely constrain the rage. He’s a Jupiter red spot level asshole who is getting a pass because he provided the Oregon Ducks with facilities that enabled that football team to be a national contender.

What has he actually done to improve the lives of people in not-Ashland Oregon? Whatever Phil Knight wants, I should probably attempt to subvert it.

8:30: I am saying goodbye to a small group of awesome people. People who have grown the homebrewing club by incorporating and inviting people who have an interest in beer, regardless of their sex, orientation, religion, color, what fucking ever. I put my faith in them, that they will resist fascists, cruelty, simplistic solutions, and their own short term stimulation for a world that gives people a better life.

I have had so many beers; highlights from Cider Riot, Ninkasi, Zigelhaus, and Hair of the Dog. It’s been a really good evening around people who I feel want to be their best selves, and want to help others do the same. Even if it’s just about a beer they brew.

11:04pm. It has been a fucking day, people. I hope we resist.

To hell with our fears. Let’s talk about what we can achieve.

Go vote.

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