Summer Series #14

And just as I predicted, after last week’s wind, the rain began to pour yesterday. Oh sure, the skies are mostly clear now, a day later but fall is officially here and I foresee raking in my future.

Chuckanut barrel aged stout in a glass on a table outdoors

Not right now though: now is a good time for the barrel aged stout at Chuckanut. Known more for their lighter German styles, this stout is a fascinating exercise in what people who know what they’re doing can accomplish.

I get a little anise on the nose, which isn’t my jam but a little smoke too and that is working for me. The mouthfeel on this beer is remarkably light, which is a feat that I don’t witness often for barrel aged beers. The finish is smooth, too: i notice the carbonation more than anything. Though given a few seconds, the barrel does make an appearance: I’m guessing whiskey, given the smoky quality of the nose, and a similar moment in the final appearance.

This beer is dangerously drinkable, and that is a heck of a trick to pull off for a barrel aged stout.

Still, I think this might be the end of the summer series. It is late October which means the long summer I was expecting came to pass, but there’s a breeze blowing across my fingers as I write and that isn’t comfortable. The porch beckons and soon I’ll be nodding to the dog walking neighbors again as I sip away.

Mostly. I got a feeling there is another day, maybe two if I’m lucky, to take advantage of and with no shortage of places to be outside, I might be able to take the chance to enjoy another adventure.

As I think this thought, the wind picks up, ribbons a chill through my thin jacket and down my neck. I’m not saying that elemental forces heard me and decided to make a statement but….I am suddenly disinclined to sit outside

And election season is upon us, which means it’s time to call out the bastards.

Let’s go. Because remember; we deserve better than this.


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