Summer Series #11/Second Pint CoH

It’s got to be one of the last nice evenings of ‘22, so I figure I ought to take advantage of it while I can. Now I feel like I’ve missed out, since most of the outings have been in the late afternoon.

The night crowd is different. Even at Assembly brewing, where I can smell the pizza despite being outside.

Assembly brewing's pale ale, on a table outside in a pint glass

But not over my College Pale ale. This pale has a nectarine quality in the nose, but the middle brings the malts forward, so there’s an interesting blend of malt and fruit, and it completes itself with a nice bitterness on the finish. A welcome surprise tonight and definitely a recommended beer.

You know, one thing the pandemic did do is make the pubs curmudgeon friendly again. Enough people stopped going out that the grumpier folk who might’ve been dissuaded by the presence of too many people, well they don’t have that problem anymore.

This set of conditions really makes me miss Bailey’s. I was never sad about the bar’s success but I was someone who remembered the early days when it wasn’t a worldwide destination. It felt cozier, like a place I could go to get some thinking done.

Still, having a beer at Assembly right now? It’s great. Blues on the stereo, a cool but not chilled evening, everybody minding their mind. Hard to beat that. Plus, they’ve got the doors open for good ventilation, so even the people inside have a decreased risk of the plague. Can’t hardly beat it with a stick, as my Dad would say.

I don’t know that I know what he means by that, but I know what he means.

One thing that has been odd about the Summer Series is that I’ve felt compelled to talk more about my immediate surroundings, instead of the world at large. In some respects, I like that-we exist in a certain area and we ought to pay attention to that area. Plus, I haven’t gotten to do that in three years.

On the other hand, I am aware that nobody reading this is here. We as a collective have more in common with the impact the larger world is having upon each other, than we do with one person at a bar on a Friday night, getting to appreciate the atmosphere.

Winter will be upon us before we know it though. I’ll be back in the porch, staring at the street, waving to dogs as they walk by, reminding you that billionaires are assholes and christofascists shouldn’t have any say in how we govern ourselves.

Looking forward to that, too.

Today’s second pint goes to Convoy of Hope.


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